Yash is a computer science engineering student from Chennai, India, who is passionate about technology and finance. He has been a Windows enthusiast since childhood and started writing about technology at a young age, offering troubleshooting solutions to classmates and friends.

More About Yash

With a strong interest in making complex technical concepts accessible to everyone, Yash has honed his writing skills to simplify and demystify technology for his readers.

Yash’s expertise in computer science and certification as a Microsoft Office Specialist allows him to provide expert insights into the latest advancements in technology, particularly in smartphones. He is a self-taught computer enthusiast and is always eager to share his knowledge with others through tutorials and articles. In addition to his love for technology, Yash is also a passionate traveler who values the experiences and memories created through exploring new places and cultures. You can find him trekking in the great outdoors when he’s not writing or studying.