Action Center (Notification) in Windows 10 for Phones- What’s New

Microsoft announced the new version of Windows 10 for mobile devices which comes with lot of new features, UI which is in sync with Windows 10 on desktop and tablets. We covered the list of all features coming to phones with the Windows 10 update and Microsoft is planning to roll out the preview version for phones in February.

One of the important change is to the notification center in the phones. Previously you have either 4 or 5 quick toggles based on the screen size you are using, but this has changed with Windows 10.

action center Windows 10

You can expand the toggles and view all the available quick toggles. You can see the collapse button in the image above. Another change in the notification center is you can dismiss a certain notification from the list. Previously you can only dismiss the notification group. For example if there are 10 email notification, you could previously clear all of them, but with the new update, you will be able to clear even just one email from the list.

action center

Another major change is to the System settings which has a better and arranged look. Settings are also grouped based the category like what we have on Android.


We will see more on this when the preview version comes out in February.

Img Credits: The Verge

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  1. Wow they surely learnt from the past and the new addition will surely boost up Windows sales :)

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