Download AdBlock Plus Extension for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has now been updated, and the browser now supports extensions and themes.  Extensions are similar to add-ons and other browser extensions and are meant to add more features to the browser. AdBlock Plus has released an extension for Microsoft Edge, allowing users of Microsoft’s new web browser to block out ads on the web. This builds on top of the adblocking support that is already built into Microsoft’s new browser.

Download AdBlock Plus Extension for Microsoft Edge

Download AdBlock Plus Extension for Microsoft Edge

If you’re a browser user, and you’re also a regular user of AdBlock Plus, then you know how it works. You turn it on, and ads are blocked. You turn it off, and ads are not blocked. That’s the extent of the extension and the extent of the extensions for Microsoft Edge.

To install, simply open the settings menu, click “Extensions,” and click the “Get extensions from the Store” button.  Alternatively, you can use the Extensions for Microsoft Edge app in Windows Store.  This app allows you to see all of the available apps and extensions for Microsoft Edge and install them with a single click.

Features of AdBlock Plus

  • Block annoying ads and pop-ups
  • Block intrusive YouTube™ ads
  • Improve page loading times
  • Fight off harmful “malvertisement”
  • Stop tracking and get more privacy

One of the best ways to surf the web and see the Internet as it should be seen is ad-block extensions. This is a simple way to block all the annoying and intrusive advertisements, as well as the tracking cookies and scripts that follow you across the web and slow down your computer. Adblock Plus offers you a full, free, and open-source ad-blocking solution for all browsers and Android devices. During the last few years, the popularity of ad blockers has increased rapidly. Many of the most popular websites in the world use ad-block solution to display content to offer you a better experience. And this is why nowadays, ad-block extensions are a must-have for every computer and mobile device..

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