AdDuplex: Fall Creators Update is now installed on more than 50% PCs post two months of release

Looks like Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is doing better than expected. Just after 2 months of release, its now installed on more than half of the Windows 10 PCs. This report came in via AdDuplex. In their report, Fall Creators Update is now installed on 53.6 percet of Windows 10 PCs, and this is a huge jump from last report which only reported 20.4 percent market share post one month release of Fall Creators Update.


Source: AdDuplex

That said, Widnows 10 Creators Update is still holding 33.7% market share followed by another 10.5% on Anniversary Update.  In terms of  country,  Western Europe is leading the way with more than 60% running FCU in many countries. Africa and South America are upgrading at a slower pace with many countries still at only ~30% FCU. That looks very uneven!

When it comes to brands, Only 3 brands (HP, Lenovo, and Asus) make the top-5 list in all the markets we cover here. HP is at the top almost everywhere except for Russia. Dell is second in US and India, but only fifth in biggest European markets and not even in top-5 in Russia.

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