Alexa Skill Developers can now send Notifications to Echo Devices

Amazon at it’s Re”invent conference announced a lot of things including Alexa for Business, and  in-skill purchasing. This is going to be a huge success for Amazon, specially on Enterprise front, but here is one thing Alexa had been missing. It never talks back to you or tell if you missed an appointment or anything that was missed from any of those skills. Amazon has announced this for Alexa Skill Developers during the conference.

This is how it works.

  • When you have notifications or missed things with any of your skill, your Echo-Dot light ring will have a green colour patch. Something simile to pulse notification in smartphones.
  • When you ask Alexa “What did I miss” or “If I have notifications”, Alexa will notify you all of them in sequence.

Here are some examples from Amazon on it can be implemented:

We believe that it is a privilege when customers provide permission to be notified, and that the most valuable notifications are those that are personalized, relevant, and timely. Our goal is to delight customers with every notification. With this goal in mind:

  • We encourage notifications that are transaction-based, or personalized to the user.
  • We do not permit notifications that contain advertising or promotional messaging.
  • We believe notifications should be sent sparingly. Customers may ignore or be annoyed by notifications that are too frequent.

Several developers have already launched skills that provide personalized, relevant, and timely notifications:

  • Life360 enables families to ask for real-time updates sharing the whereabouts of loved ones, and uses notifications when family members have departed or arrived at designated places like school, work, or soccer practice.
  • Domino’s allows customers to order pizza and other food, and provides notifications to customers in the US with the status of their orders.

That said, this is not entirely new, except that its open for third party app developers. Amazon had been using this for weather, messaging, calling, shopping and so on.  Also, this skill was first introduced to developers, as an opt-in, but it was only offered to selected user to test it out.

That said, Amazon is opening its the door for third-party developers to access  voice based profiles. This is very important as developers will be able to offer personalized experience depending on the skill.

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