Amazon Announces “in-skill purchasing” over voice for Alexa Skill Developers

.Making sure Alexa skill developers can keep making more money, Today, Amazon has announced two new voice-first monetization opportunities.  The first option is using in-skill purchasing, similar to in-app purchases, and second is using Amazon Pay. These are currently available in developer preview and will be available broadly in 2018.  The developers need to apply today to participate in the developer preview.

Using Voice is the only way to interact with Alexa, and Amazon wants it to be as smooth as one can do when it comes to shopping on Amazon using their voice.

Alexa In-Skill Purchasing:

Amazon puts up the classic example of popular skill, Jeopardy. The skill allows the customer to subscribe to in-app purchases (subscription based) to get extra clues each weekday. Developers can also choose one-time purchases for their premium skills. In some cases, developers will also be able to offer this premium content at a discount or for free to Amazon Prime members as a benefit of their membership. The developers will get paid regardless of the customer’s Prime membership status.

Amazon Pay for Alexa skills:

Skil developers can ask consumers to pay using Amazon Pay service which doesn’t need any card details or username, and password. It’s seamless payment model.

Here is how some of the companies are using it:


  • Jeopardy! now includes a subscription option called Double Jeopardy! that doubles the amount of playable content in the Jeopardy! skill by offering extra clues each weekday. Teen Jeopardy! and Sports Jeopardy! will soon offer monthly packs of clues for even greater challenges.

  • Heads Up! (coming soon) from The Ellen DeGeneres Show will offer in-skill purchases of more content for the fun and hilarious game that Ellen plays on her show. Players try to guess the word before the timer runs out. They can get started with a few free decks and then purchase more themed decks to keep the game going.

  • Ultimate HISTORY Quiz (coming soon) from HISTORY will offer in-skill purchases to give history buffs more ways to test their knowledge from the experts who bring history to life. Each day players can test their knowledge across a range of historical subjects with the Free Daily Three. For the ultimate challenge each month, they can purchase two new themed question packs.

  • Match Game (coming soon) from FremantleMedia will let players attempt to match the stars by filling in the blank each day in an Audience Match and Head-to-Head round of the classic game show. Bonus packs are available for purchase and let customers play past versions of the show, and go head-to-head with legendary celebrity guests.

  • TGI Friday’s uses Amazon Pay to allow customers to order ahead to select stores using their voice. So next time customers are craving BBQ ribs, they can just ask Alexa.

  • Atom Tickets (coming soon) will use Amazon Pay to help customers to easily purchase movie tickets, and head over to the theater.

You can read more about it here


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