Amazon Launches Echo, Echo Plus and Echo Dot in India

In a surprising move, Amazon has made its Echo products available in India which includes a  1-year Prime membership worth ₹499 + 30% discount applicable at checkout. The best part is that it includes all the latest product from Amazon including Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot.

The company has partnered with news channels in India which include Reuters, NDTV, Times of India and ESPN Cricinfo to keep Indian customers entertained, and informed. Making sure the skills are ready, and tailored for the country, queries like “Alexa, play Bollywood songs” or “Alexa, play Arijit Singh songs.” are available. You can always play Jazz and also workout mix if you are subscribed to Amazin Prime music which is coming to the Prime members in India.

Echo Plus from Amazon is about Smart homes, and the company is making sure that Alexa works with devices like lights, and plugs from companies like  Philips, SYSKA LED, Oakter and TP-Link which are available in India.

That said, Amazon is testing waters here. All of these products are available based on Invitation which only Amazon controls. Once you are the product listing, hit the request for Invitation, and when you receive it you by it.

Now to make sure the offer attracts consumers, for a limited time, Amazon is offering discount of 30% off the purchase price of Echo devices and one year of Prime membership. These devices will ship beginning the week of October 30th. During the launch, Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot will also be available at physical retail store chains such as Croma, Reliance Digital stores and other offline retailers.