Amazon is Opening Up Alexa app so you can interact with it just like Google Assistant and Cortana

Amazon is making big moves when it comes to its voice-based digital assistant, Alexa. CES 2018 already marked that Alexa will be available to Windows 10 PCs for selected vendors, and it can now be integrated with stand along switches, dash camera, and even car chargers.

Now, Android Police is reporting that Amazon is opening up Alexa to make it at par with Google Assistant, and Cortana. This means you will be able to interact with Alexa just like how you do it with those well know assistants. Amazon has pretty much understood that Alexa needs to be everywhere, and independent of devices, and not just voice-based AI stuck to a speaker.

As of now, the Alexa app available on Android is more of a companion app which allows you to set routines, manage smart devices in your home, set a reminder, and so on. In short, it’s limited, but Amazon is opening up.

The updated app which provides this functionality is available through  Amazon’s own AppStore, yeah, it still exists. You can download, and install but then you will have to allow your phone to install it from the untrusted store.

Source: Android Police

The above screenshot, which was posted by one of the commenters at AP, clearly shows a new button which when pressed invokes Alexa, and you can speak your command. The version of the client is v1.24.3555.0.

That said, I tried installing the app from the store, but it doesn’t show that new option, and it seems to be the case for many. I guess it’s being tested, and it’s coming for sure!

via Android Police

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