Amazon rolls out Basic YouTube web wrapper for Echo Show as Google repeats Windows Phone Treatment

Missing core Google Apps had always been one of the biggest drawbacks for Windows Phone. Be it the Gmail App or the YouTube App, Google made sure they did not get support on Windows Phone for whatever reason the rivals had at that point. Now Google is doing the same thing with Amazon Echo devices.

Amazon has one Alexa powered device which has a display, The Echo Show. It is meant for those who want a minimal screen experience and caters to a segment of audience which is mostly in the kitchen or wants to enjoy the view with voice. Its crucial for Amazon to have the YouTube app for its success with such device no matter how strong the company is with their Prime Videos.

Amazon recently has to disable their YouTube implementation as Google objected that the implementation violates their terms of service, creating a broken user experience. I would agree to that because nobody else except Google can deliver the best experience, especially when its one of the major source of revenue.  So why not build one? Well, its competition.

Source: Amazon

Amazon Alexa, Google’s Assitant are very strong rivals though Amazon leads with their 24,000 skills on board, and this is one thing that’s bothering Google big time.

The previous Youtube implementation of Amazon was powered by voice. Now they only have a web interface for YouTube which is pretty much useless from Alexa perspective. reports that the new interface is mostly a web wrapper, and will need users to engage with it using touch which defeats the point of voice control. As of now, the only playback can be controlled by voice.

That said, Amazon s only left with developing skills for other video services, and show them in the results, but not having YouTube experience onboard is going to be troublesome.


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