Amazon rolls out WorksDrive for Windows in Limited Preview

Amazon isn’t just limited to Shopping, though its popular for that, the company does have a plethora of services that compete with Microsoft services as well. They have products that compete with Azure, Video services, and even OneDrive.

The company has launched a limited preview of its OneDrive competitor, which they call it WorksDrive. You will need an AWS account number to apply along with a minimum information about your company. Amazon will contact you once they include you in the preview program. Here is the list of features available with Amazon WorkDocs Drive


  • Users can share files inside or outside their organization by sharing a link or inviting users.
  • Provides users with a central location for both the documents and files they are reviewing as well as those they own and are soliciting feedback on.
  • Lock files for editing, and unlock them when you’re done. Locking a file while you make changes ensures that your edits are not overwritten by others, and eliminates the need to coordinate changes.
  • Users can access files stored in Amazon WorkDocs and view and leave feedback on files anywhere, anytime, from the device of their choice. The Amazon WorkDocs Sync client lets users designate a folder on their computer to sync.
  • It provides a number of features to enable organizations to maintain control over the files they share
  • More here

Honestly, its very similar to OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and many other services. But if you are hooked to the Amazon platform, you have it now on the Windows Platform as well.


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