Amazon’s Alexa gains ability to Recognize Individual Voices & Deliver Personalised Responses

Amazon has always showcased Alexa devices as a common device for a family. That is one of the reason it has 7 microphones included, not just that you can be hailing Alexa from anywhere, but anybody in your family can also do it. Now that it knows who you are, it can deliver much better response looking at your profile.

Google Home, the only competition, got this ability in April, and it was one of the missing pieces in the puzzle Amazon must have worked hard.



You will be able to setup vice recognition for all the Amazon Echo devices i.e. Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show and Echo. It follows the standard way where you will need to read aloud 10 phrases, which in turn Alexa will use to create a voice profile. The good thing about the voice profile is that it also works with third-party Alexa enabled devices.

The user profiles will help Alexa to read out the right message to the right person, Play right music, send a message for the right person, and so on. You can use the Alexa App to connect with your Alexa devices and then train your voice and associate your voice with your Amazon account.

One of the Amazon’s Spokesperson told The Verge

Once you set up the feature, Alexa will learn your voice (versus your spouse/partner/roommate’s voice) and be able to deliver a more personalized experience.

Today the feature is available for calling/messaging, flash briefing, shopping, and the Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan, and it’ll be rolling out to additional Alexa features in the future.

As of now, Voice Profiles are not available for devices like Fire TV remote and the Amazon Tap touch-to-talk devices. However, I am guessing that it’s going to come soon as it is one of the devices included for voice profiles, at least it shows up in their videos.

Check out the video demo here.