Amazon’s Prime Music will be unlimited, ad-free for Indian Prime Members

Amazon’s Alexa Powered Echo devices are going big among tech-enthusiasts in India. They are already being delivered in India as we speak, and to a nice surprise, it will also include Amazon’s Prime Music will be free for members of Prime Subscription in India. The best part is that it gives you access to unlimited ad-free music streaming.

This will work over the Amazon Alexa App, and also over the Echo devices.  The prime membership right now costs INR 1000 which converts to INR 84 per month compared to Google’s Music which is Rs 99 per month. While it is a small margin, and while Google has a huge catalogue, Prime membership also gives access to Prime Videos,  Delivery Benefits when you buy something from Amazon, and even some free Alexa Skills.

Amazon has created a huge ecosystem which delivers a lot of services for just Rs 1000. This was first spotted by Raju @ TechPP 

Source: TechPP

As of now, Amazon Prime Music is not enabled in the app, but it does give instructions on how you can play it over your Echo device. Many have received it already, and some of them have tried it though nobody can access it right now.

I am expecting Amazon will slowly expand this service this service, and bring it to the same line as they have in the US.  Amazon Prime in the US costs $99 which also includes services like Amazon Prime Reading, Twitch Prime, Unlimited Photo Storage and 5 percent extra cashback on with a Prime Credit Card.

This translates to INR 6000 in India which is a very high cost, and not everybody will be ready to pay that price. I am expecting Amazon will offer Prime membership in different forms, tie up with Music Partners, and so on.


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