Animated Video Is No Longer A Bonus – It is Essential

Some marketing professionals have a reluctance to use video – it is considered too expensive or outside of their comfort zone. As more and more competitive agencies and freelancers come on the market to provide video production services, the truth is that videos no longer need to break the bank, and they are becoming increasingly essential to stand out in the crowded digital space!

What benefits does video offer?

In a range of surveys of marketing professionals, the return on investment of video marketing is generally indicated as being positive. In addition to this, video serves the purpose of keeping visitors on websites for longer while also helping viewers to understand more about the product or service being offered. Some surveys also show that viewers are almost 150% more likely to buy a product that is brought to life on the screen with the video.

Simplifying the complex

If done correctly, the video also does a great job of demonstrating complex products or processes in a simple and understandable manner. Whether your product is financial, technical, mechanical, or a complex service, illustrating it can really bring it to life and demonstrate to potential users how it can help them daily.

How to make your video effective

Anyone can produce an animation video but making an effective one is another matter entirely. To plan your video properly, produce a showreel that breaks down the story, you want to tell and how you want to get your message across. Look back over it – will it capture your audiences’ attention? Were the pain points it solves clear – i.e., does it step into the shoes of your prospect, as opposed to simply talking about your company and how great it is? Will people identify with it?

Is it worth the investment?

Aside from the stats, we have already highlighted, animated video is a great value investment simply because it bypasses the need to recruit actors, find locations for filming, and renting out props and filming equipment. You do not necessarily need to start with a glossy 3D video chock full of special effects – a nice, engaging, and informative 2D video is a great starting point.

The key is to balance facts and information with nice visuals and animations. Video is your chance to showcase your product and tell a potential user why it’s an essential purchase for them. Because of the sheer volume of digital content now at peoples’ fingertips on every device, your video needs to immediately capture their attention – and this means in the first few seconds. Animation is, therefore, a great way of securing this vital attention span, and if done correctly, it can lead to a positive action such as a click-through or even purchase at the end of the video.

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