First Generation Windows Phone might get Apollo ( Refresh ?) in some form, Coming for All WP

Just before you get excited, there is no version as Apollo Refresh, not officially, it is just my cute name relating it with Tango’s Official name “Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh”. You can call it as Apollo Refresh or Windows Phone 8 Refresh.

One of the biggest confusions that been around for Windows Phone is about the next major upgrade, to which, half of the experts are expecting it to come out for all phones, but some do not agree sensing that Apollo might get some major hardware upgrades which might just not work on all phone. has some good news on this. They had a chance to get in talk with two Microsoft Folks at CeBIT in Hanover, and when asked on the state of Windows 8 Apollo, they said :

  1. It is aimed to be rolled out in late 2012
  2. Second Generation Devices, e.g. all Lumia phones, HTC Titan etc. will receive the update
  3. First-generation devices will get the update in some form.
  4. Skype will be into the OS Core.

If this is true then it’s good news, but this is sure that some core updates might just pass in but anything, which is related, to new hardware or just requires that hardware, such as NFC, will not work obviously.

My assumption here is that First Generation might get updates which you can call as Tango version of Apollo, similar to Tango Version of Mango, which is officially named as Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh.

Setting it different from Android Situation

The biggest advantage that Microsoft here will have is from the end user point of view. Since most of the features will be rolled out to all phones in some form (All Core Features), unlike android phones, users will not have to hunt down for custom roms, which is very popular, in Android.

Though the custom rom, phones have more features, because of root access, and nothing is stopping them to create new ones, specially with Apollo they even will do more, but regular users will keep of from this most of the time.

Again, I will stick to this as rumors but lets keep our hopes high for an official news which might be a decision making factor for many who are on first generation devices, holding on buying a second because of Apollo.

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  1. Well, I hope so. I’m not going to change my HTC 7 Mozart only because Microsoft isn’t enough generous to provide me with update.

    I understand that they can drop videoconversation in Skype, but I don’t see any reason, why they should drop any other functionality.

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