An App to Compress Videos on Windows Phone 8

We all love to record high quality videos with our Windows Phone, specially with the 1020 and the 1520, but when it comes to sharing the video, it turns out to be a bummer. Windows Phone or any app doesn’t support compress and then share feature so it only uploads few seconds or minutes of the video to social network.

The other use could be to save space on your phone but then that would mean to use PC for that. So how about an app which allows you to compress any onboard video from 1080 P to as  low as 240P QVGA format ?

Meet Video Compressor.

This app can process videos right on your phone to reduce down or scale up the videos with all possible options.

  • Choose between 240P, 440P, 480P and 720P resolutions.
  • Quality control from ultra lossy to good.
  • Fast and Slow Processing.

That said, its pretty clear the options are to lower the size of the video and but still able to control on quality. The app lets you pick up any video file from your camera roll. I would suggest developer to implement the new File Picker so videos can be picked from anywhere.

Video Compressor for Windows Phone 8

Once selected, you can hit the start button. This will now display a status of video compression with a percentage bar and size of the videos.

How as my Experience?

The app supports H.264/MP4 video compression and it just worked fine on my 1020. A 1080P video of size 300 MB was converted to 480P. It took around 6 to 8 minutes and worked fine without heating the phone. The size dropped to 100MB.

The app saves the converted video into a new folder “Video Compression”, You can set how the naming policy should be in the settings.You can also choose to keep aspect ration and frame ration.

Beta Feature: You can choose AVI format also but its in beta. For some videos it did not work that great.

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  1. Hi, its wonderful application but it write its not compatable with your phone :( my phone is wp8 lumia 920

  2. excellent app , i just installed on my lumia 920 and it worked excellent , it worked on my l920 coz i have installed windows 8.1 , any guide how to install 8.1 , pm me :)

  3. I m having lumia 720 when i click on download it goes to store but msg comes that its not for your device. why so?

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