App Tap – Tabbed view for Apps coming to Windows 10

Microsoft is working on their own version of Tabbed interface which will let you add or club multiple apps into one Windows. Spotted by Walking Cat, this feature was first seen in Build 16237 API which has something called as “Sets”. This feature will let you add a new “app tab” by pressing Ctrl key while launching the app. There is another implementation to it. You can add a new “app tab” by pressing Ctrl key while launching the app.

I am expecting that Windows 10 will have an option to enable or disable this feature through the settings. It should be an option because not many would be comfortable putting all their apps under one window.

Similar to how we have tabbed view in browsers, tabbed view in Apps make sense. It’s going to be a great option to club similar things or related windows in one place. This will improve efficiency as I don’t have to switch between instances of the same app. As a matter of fact, even developers can make this useful if they have to offer a second view of their app. Users can get two or more views together.

What do you think?

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