Apple plans to bring its own AR headset by 2019 powered by “Reality Operating System”

It’s about time Apple gets into the Augment Reality game in a serious way. Microsoft has HoloLens, and Google is also working on something on the similar lines, and now its Apple time.

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is working on a breakthrough product which will succeed the iPhone, and plans to have this tech ready in 2019, and ship by 2020. As of now, AR on mobile phones use the power of Smartphone, the one from Apple will have its own display, a new chip and a dedicated OS dubbed as “Reality Operating System” or rOS.

 That said, it’s not that Apple has started its work for AR only a few days ago. The company had been indulged internally in several AR projects Led by Mike Rockwell. The same team builds  ARKit which software developers can use to create AR applications for iPhones and iPad.

Reportedly, Apple is working on a headset with a built-in display capable of streaming 3D video without draining the battery. This is similar to the VR and MR headset from Oculus and Microsoft. Apple will also need a chip capable of powering the AR headset, AI Chip and CPU to make sure it works. Geoff Stahl, formerly a software manager for games and graphics at Apple, is one of the directors of the “rOS” software group.

While Microsoft is aiming its HoloLens mostly for Enterprise, Mixed Reality Headsets for Consumer, I am sure Apple will bring its AR primarily for consumers, especially for iPhone and iPad. The next version of ARKit Software should roll out next year, and we should see huge changes by then.

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