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Asus Zenbook Flip UX360CA Review

Asus launched Zenbook Flip model last year in November 2016 which came with decent specs, and a 360 degree hinge based design to give it a tablet feel, and usage. I have used it for over a week, and the device definitely looks good, specially for its build quality, it feels premium, and its light.

Now just before we get started, if you can take your eyes off the weird naming– UX360CA–then its Asus way of naming their devices, including phones which not only makes tough for us as reviewers, but also from consumer perspective to make them type that. Thanks that we do have auto suggest.

You also have another model– UX360UA–which falls under Zenbook Flip and comes with i7 compared to what we are reviewing which only has Core M, and most of the things remaining same. There will be a huge difference when it comes to performance and battery life between the UX360UA and UX360CA models.

Zenbook Flip UX360CA which we are reviewing here comes with  4GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD, Full HD display and an Intel Corel m3 processor clocked at 1.51 GHz.

Zenbook Flip UX360CA Performance

This model is aimed towards those who wants to get thru daily job done, want a sleek design, a tablet form factor if available and aren’t looking for heavy push-ups. ZenBook Flip  UX360CA first that definition nicely. Powered by Intel Core M and 4GB of RAM is actually enough for web browsing, using apps, and media playback. Even with loads of tabs open, it did not flip at all.

I am skipping any benchmark test here for obvious reasons, Its flawed many a time. All I would say that for day-to-day usage, this laptop will do fine, specially combined with its decent battery life.

I even rolled out the Windows 10 Insiders Build which carries feature of Windows 10 Creators Update, and it work really nice, specially compared to t-book which many a times needed a restart of File Explorer.

It comes with 512 GB of SSD of which you get 476GB, rest is taken by system. This should be enough for many, specially when you compare this with 256 GB and 128 GB models.

When it comes to gaming, this is not the device you are looking for. Even with 4GB RAM, and enough storage, this cannot play heavy games like Gears of War 4 and I’ve up to your expectations. Casual gaming works fine on this.

Zenbook Flip UX360CA Battery Life

When a causal user picks up a device for all causal things, he definitely expects a great battery life. This holds true for this device. The Zenbook Flip managed about 8 hours of battery life with brightness adjusted to 70% (that’s what I use). I used the laptop for my daily work which includes writing posts, browsing, watching videos, uploading and so on.

Zenbook Flip UX360CA Design and Build

Asus made sure that whoever holds the Zenbook Flip will definitely love it. Keeping in mind that the price is little higher than usual for this range, the overall experience you get from the design, and build still makes you smile.

The body is all  aluminium shell, light weight, beautiful curves and slim design. And when you flip it, it just feels cool. What is even cooler is the tend mode. If you are a movie buff or just want to run a slide show, just end it into as tent, and watch video right from anywhere. It’s very convenient, and you can have that tent up anywhere. The hinges are very stiff, and I kind of like it because its much easier, and quicker.

Lets talk about ports, and connectivity. When the device gets thinner, the first thing people think if it’s actually missing a port. Zenbook Flip is just 1.37cm and it comes with tons of ports including a 3.5mm combo jack, Micro HDMI, USB Type C, USB 3.0, power button, volume rocker, and a SD card slot. You also get an Ethernet adapter for those who want to connect over LAN.

The only drawback here is the power button, and volume knockers are too thin, and you may keep hitting the wrong button. I did get myself settled with that in few days through.

Zenbook Flip UX360CA Display, Touch and Keyboard

You get a 13.3-inch screen, vibrant IPS display, with great viewing angles, rich colours and strong contrast. All this with 1080p Display, which is reflective. Yeah you get the point. Honestly I don’t have any complaints here, specially for movies, and working on videos, the only gripe is the annoying reflective display for which many a time I had to hit the brightness level a little high. However, this should not be factor to keep this device tick off from your list.

Touch works great on the device, and if it’s the first time you are using it on Windows 10, I assure you that it will be hard to go back to a non touch device. It just works.

Those who love a full fledge keyboard, with Print Screen, Fn Keys, Volume Control and so on, you are going to love the keyboard on the Flip except that the keyboard is not backlit which is a real pain. I am kind of user who would love work in a dark room, and with no backlit keyboard, it was just annoying, and specially when they a good price.

When it comes to Trackpad, you are going to absolutely love it because of the size. Its wide, and thankfully comes with no bug which many a times keep moving your mouse cursors to all wrong places. There is no dedicated left and right button, and just like MacBook you are press on the lower ends to emulate it.

Zenbook Flip UX360CA Audio & Media experience

Asus has placed the speakers at the back of the keyboard. That’s an odd place to put for two reasons. First when you place it normally on your table, the voice definitely gets cut, and when you switch to Tablet mode by flipping the keyboard by 180, the speakers are caged between monitor and the keyboard.  It blocks the audio either ways.

The only mode where the speakers did nicely was the tent mode because it got the breathing space. In this mode you actually get to understand the quality which is clear, and detailed. It should be enough for most cases scenario, and compared to others its pretty good.

Is it a great buy?

While there are competitive model available in this range, Asus Zenbook Flip offers almost everything at this price. Right from great design, to portability, decent battery life, and the form factor. All this at Rs 46,990 is a fair deal for sure.

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