The Trick to Attach PDF files to Emails in Windows Phone ( Video)

Recently we recently shared couple of ways you can share PDF files over emails and almost concluded there is no way to share the PDF files directly. Today it turned out that our conclusion is completely wrong and there is a way to share the PDF file….still indirectly but you get to attach the PDF files to a new EMAIL. The forwarding still remains an issue.

The Culprit:

Office HUB in Windows Phone recognizes everything when it comes to documents except for PDF files. Now there is no way a PDF file can get into Office HUB but then you have the SkyDrive or the OneDrive.  Office HUB allows you to access all the files stored online without any filters i.e. if you have PDF it does show that too but when you tap, you need to use an app from store to open it i.e. PDF reader or Acrobat.

Interesting to note that when you do a long press instead of tap on those PDF files, it gives you an option to SHARE it which ultimately leads to you Email Account picker. Once you do that, you will see that the file gets downloaded and attached to email. Wallah!!! Job Done.

Attach PDF file in Email Windows Phone


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How about PDF files in emails ?

So how do you get this done for PDF files which you had received on email? Thanks to Microsoft, Windows Phone allows you to upload PDF files directly into your Skydrive  account using the PDF reader app.

  • First install the PDF reader app or any PDF app which allows you to upload to Skydrive.
  • Next Tap on the PDF file in your email. It will download and then you can open it in the app which can upload to Skydrive.
  • Upload to Skydrive. Quit the PDF app.
  • Launch Office HUB  > Skydrive Files. Look for the PDF file you just uploaded.
  • Long Press on the PDF files > Select Share > Email.

You should have the email attached to new email you can send.

Thanks to folks at WPCYTE for sharing this!!!

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  1. Thanx a lot for the trick, i was ready to buy an other phone just because of this problem. I hope WP 8.1 will correct that !

  2. I acn only see word, excel and ppt files in my office hub on my Nolia Lumia 720. Which PDF reader app would you recommend?

  3. Anthony, you need a Blackberry. Even the first generation Blackberry smartphone can do that because it has a user-accessible complete file management system. Windows phone was a reverse engineered iPhone, suffering the same problem.

  4. I think there’s an easier way to do this. Just use the app ‘Files’. I found it easy and user friendly. Plus, you can also attach multiple pdfs in a single mail.

  5. Thanks a lot, i started to hate my phone because i could not able to attach pdf docs,but now the problem is solved

  6. Suppose if I want to reply to any existing mail and want to attach word / excel or any pdf file, then do we have any options in WP 8.1.

  7. Great article!!!!! I’ve been using Windows Phone for close to 5 years and had no clue about this workaround!!! Thanks

  8. My dilemma is attaching to an email I received. I have to attach the PDF to the email I was sent. I can’t send in a new email. Is that possible??

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