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Bitwarden Password Manager Extension for Microsoft Edge is here

There is finally an uptick for extensions for Microsoft Edge. Grammarly went live recently, and now a popular password manager, Bitwarden, is now available for Microsoft Edge is available on Windows 10 Store. Its an open source password manager which does not limit you on how many you can store, and supports all features like auto-fill logins, sync password across devices, and ...

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Microsoft Acknowledges FPS Drop Issue in Windows 10 Creators Update Gaming

While Microsoft has done a lot around Gaming & Windows 10, the feature isnt without bugs, and performance issue. I have seen many talking about that Gaming Mode desont really do anything substantial, and now Microsoft has acknowledged FPS drops in games on the Windows 10 Creators Update.  There are several different problem sources that is casuing this FPS drop, and if you ...

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Microsoft might Showcase ARM Powered Surface Devices at Keynote this October

Throughout the year, Microsoft had been launching new Surface variants to keep the lineup fresh, but it’s about time the company needs to introduce something new. AT IFA we have already seen tons of new Surface like Laptops and convertibles, and they look better than the Surface category. Not to forget, they are cheaper than Surface devices as well. Microsoft ...

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