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Download Free Ringtones & Wallpaper for Windows Phone with Insider

Insider App For Windows Phone

Adding a custom ringtone is still not possible with Windows Phone yet but Microsoft has released an app named as Insider which brings you 5 Ringtone which you can download on your phone every month and keep it forever. Apart from the ring tones, it also brings you free wallpapers featured on Bing Homepage everyday. Features of Insider App It has Five sections :  Tips, Apps, Games, Ringtones ...

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How to Move Xbox Gamertag to USB or External Storage Device

Move Gamer Profile

If you a kind of Xbox Gamer who keeps on playing with other Gamers who are in your neighbour or when you are visiting your cousion who got an Xbox to keep you busy in holidays,  It is time you make your Gamer Tag roaming, So all you need is plugin and play and still have all the data along with ...

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How to Pass Code Protect your Xbox Gamertag on console

Lock Down Xbox Profile

An Xbox Profile on an console is as open as any book unless you lock it down with a pass code  which is created using the controls on your controller i.e.  Using X, Y, Triggers, bumpers and the D Pad.  Sadly you cannot use your keybaord here :) Sigin in to your profile on your xbox Go to My Xbox ...

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Video : Windows Phone Companion app controls Xbox

Windows Phone Companion App

Xbox will be your next TV which is announcement already made but before you read more details on that,  let us meet the new remote controller, Companion App for Windows Phone which will allows you to control your Xbox to an extent like finding a movie and then playing it on your xbox or even playing Xbox live games while your friends ...

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Samsung Launches Windows Phone in India ( Omnia W / WP 7.5 )

Sounds very odd but it seems Samsung has launched the First Windows Phone Mango device in India even before Nokia of which there is no news. The first Windows Phone device came last year from HTC and this time it is Samsung Omnia W which comes with preloaded Windows Mango Update. Samsung Omnia W Price and Specification : Price of ...

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Create Custom WP Live Tiles with your image and action : Mega Tile

Custom Tiles on Start Menu

If you had always find the solid color Windows Phone tiles boring specially when you can only use what apps or Windows Phone OS provides,  let us welcome MegaTile, a windows phone app which lets you create custom tiles with action and image of your choice. You can imagine this as Live Tiles having a background image or One picture divided into tiles. Mega Tile ...

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Implode : Blow up Structures on Windows Phone ( Xbox Live )

Explosion in Structure

[dropcap1]If[/dropcap1] you like mixing physics with some action, Implode is one kind of game you will love to play, specially when it is about blowing up structures using explosives. The idea of this game is simple, place explosives at right place keeping simple physics in mind and determining according to the structure and finding where you need more power to bring down ...

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Video : Background Timer / Stopwatch app for Windows Phone

Supertimer is a Timer + Stopwatch + Alarm App that can run in background making it easy for you to use it even when your phone is locked or you are using some other app like Game etc. It makes use the of the Mango Multitasking Update feature. [minigallery id=”401″ style=”box border box_white”] Feature List : You can set a ...

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Video : Edit Xbox Live Avatar from Windows Phone

Windows Phone Mango update now has got 3D avatar right on your Xbox Live Tile. This not only has made the avatar interactive but also allows you to update or Edit your Xbox Live Gamertag Avatar from Windows Phone if you are connected to internet. The app is named as Xbox LIVE Extras and with this you get Three Sections ...

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