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All Set With Windows 10? Now Master These 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 10 Keybord Shortcuts

If you use Windows 10 all the time, you need to know some of the most common keyboard shortcuts to perform some regular task faster. In this post, I am sharing Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts. I am sure you know most of them if you had used Windows 10 for long, but do take a look at sections to figure ...

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Here’s how to install and use Amazon Alexa on Windows 10

install Amazon Alexa on Windows 10

Alexa, Cortana, and Siri, all three of them are the point to point competitors of each other. When it comes to the point of who is better Digital Assistant in today’s world, each of them is better in their way. Microsoft announced the combination of Cortana and Alexa together on Windows 10. It brought a massive hype between the users ...

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How to Record Xbox Games with your Voice Narration

Record Xbox Games with your Voice Narration

If you record a lot of Xbox games using the Game DVR feature on Windows 10, a recent update to Xbox App on Windows has enabled background recording or option to record Xbox games with your voice with it. It makes sure that you can personalize with your expression and humor, and then share it wherever you want. How to ...

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How to set App Execution Aliases on Windows 10

Set App Execution Aliases

If you are using Windows 10 then you might come across a small problem while accessing some of the apps using Command Prompt. This happens because, on Windows 10, apps can declare alias names on their own. Sometimes two different apps end up using the same alias names. When the execution takes place with the same name, there is the ...

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How to restore hidden taskbar icons in Windows 10

restore hidden taskbar icons

If you are a Windows user and upgrade your computer from time to time, then this article may help you. Many users face a problem of disappearing system icons from taskbar after a small update or major upgrade. In this guide, we share how to restore hidden taskbar icons in Windows 10. There can be several reasons due to which ...

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How to Enable “Disabled” System Restore in Windows 10

System Restore is Disabled

System Restore is one feature that has saved me a lot many times. It allows one to get back to previously saved computer’s state which reverts system files, installed applications, registry, and few system settings. It comes in very handy when you have a messed up driver or something that has caused a problem in your Windows desktop. But if ...

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How to Directly Download Windows 10 ISO File (Generate Link)

If you want to try Windows 10 on a separate PC, or you cannot wait to upgrade your existing PC, Microsoft has provided a way to directly download Windows 10 ISO (64bit and 32bit) as ISO file. This download works like any other files downloaded over the internet, so we suggest you better have a download manager in place which ...

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Stream Videos from Edge to Xbox or DLNA/Miracast Devices

Cast Media to Device in Edge

Microsoft Edge now has a direct option to stream or cast media playing on the browser (local or online) to most of the DLNA devices and works straight forward with Xbox One.  This feature became available with a Windows Update and is now available for Edge Chromium as well. It is an excellent addition. The option has been built into ...

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Ten Reasons Why Essay Writers Hate Rage 2

Rage 2

A deficiency of interest and spirit – this is what a modern videogame industry lacks the most nowadays. Most recent examples are Anthem and Fallout 76. And on the 19th of May, one more game made gaming writers from feel cheated. It was Rage 2. In 2018, Rage 2 was one of the most anticipated games of 2019 for ...

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