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Everything You Should Know About Xbox Play Anywhere

Xbox Play Anywhere Features

One of the most exciting features of Xbox Live is Xbox Play Anywhere. Play Anywhere basically lets you take your game with you, no matter whether you were playing it on your Xbox or Windows 10 PC. You can start your game in your living room on your Xbox, and finish it on your Surface, while you are on your ...

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How to Limit Sync Speed Rates on OneDrive Desktop Version

Microsoft has both Desktop and UWP app for OneDrive on Windows 10 PCs. The Universal was launched later for Windows 10, whereas the Desktop app has been available for a while now. The later integrates better with your PC, contrary to the UWP app. When using OneDrive if you feel it takes too much of your internet speed, then there ...

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How to Create Password Reset Disk in Windows 10

Create Password Reset Disk

We often forget our passwords, not because it will be complicated but because there are too many passwords to remember. Sometimes most of us get confused about what password to use for what account, and the same goes for your PC as well. Before I started using my Microsoft account to log into my Windows 10 PC, I always used ...

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How to create Guest Account in Windows 10

create guest account windows

Guest Account in Windows 10 lets other people use your Windows 10 PC without able to install any app, check your files or change a setting. It comes handy when you have to share your laptop with your friends or colleagues frequently. However, in Windows 10, the option of setting up a guest account is not so easy. For odd ...

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ReadAloud: Powerful Text to Speech App for Windows 10

ReadAloud is a compelling text-to-speech app that can read aloud web pages, news, documents, books, or your custom contents. It is a convenient tool for people who like multitasking! It allows you to do any other work while you can continue to listen to news/articles you love. It has various content sharing options like sharing from a web browser or ...

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How to find Windows 10 Product Key even if the computer is dead

Find Windows 10 Product Key

A product key is a unique 25 digit code that is used to activate Windows. It may so happen that you need those keys once again when reinstalling Windows or when switching to a second computer. In this post, we will share how you can find the Windows 10 product key. How to find the Product Key of Windows 10 ...

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How to create & install new Windows 10 Themes

Create install themes windows

There are quite a few ways in which you can personalize your Windows 10 computer or laptop. While most of us choose the easiest one i.e. changing lock screen photo or adding a new wallpaper. There are other ways to personalize your Windows 10 PC too, i.e. by adding themes. I still remember Windows 7 had a great collection of ...

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Best Health and Fitness Apps for Windows 10

Best Health Fitness App Windows

Microsoft Store offers a couple of great apps for health and fitness. While they are also available for smartphones if you want to have on Windows 10 computer as well, then here are some of the best health and fitness apps for Windows 10. Best Health and Fitness Apps for Windows 10 Fitbit Adidas Train and Run Perfect Workout Daily ...

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Microsoft Sway: A Powerful Tool to go beyond Presentations

Microsoft Sway Presentation

With the introduction of Sway, Microsoft added a brand new app in their Office portfolio. Sway is an entirely different, and fantastic way to express yourself, and bring your ideas to life. With Sway, you can create and share interactive reports, presentations, personal stories, and more. You can try Sway on Web, Windows 10 PC, iPhone, and iPad. In this ...

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