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Walmart dumps Windows for Mac; Plans to order One Hundred Thousand Mac

Looks like this year is going to be bad for Microsoft as we see more, and more big companies dumping Windows for Apple’s Macbook.  IBM was the first company which took this step, and many followed the lead. Looking at the reports from IBM, on how productive they had become without Windows, GE offered its 330,000 employees an option to ...

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Garmin drops support for its Smartwatch Vivoactive 3 on Windows phone

Looks like there are a lot of drops happening today. First Kinect, followed by Gameloft and Now Garmin has dropped support for its Fitness Tracker Vivoactive 3 on Windows Phone. While Fitbit is still supporting Windows Phone, but then if you had Garmin tracker, its time to switch your phone for good. You cannot get so many signals together that its time ...

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Microsoft Adds over 100+ Skills to Cortana in last 3 Months

Smart Assistant is going to a major front over which the big giants like Amazon, Microsoft and Google will be battling each other next year, but the horn has already been blown, especially from Amazon and Google. One of the primary reason why Alexa and Google Assistant are favored is that of the number of skill sets. Alexa has over 17,650 ...

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