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Windows 10 Anniversary Update Problems and How to Fix Them

We are quite sure that most of our viewers who use the Windows 10 operating system in their devices such as desktop or mobile have received the Anniversary Update. The new update has come up with lots of exciting features, but many users have also reported some annoying issues since the upgrade. Windows 10 Anniversary Update also puts restrictions on ...

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Best Video Players for Windows 10

Most of the people spend so much time in internet to watch online videos and stream music. Windows 10 includes an in-built media player which is capable enough to handle almost all kinds of music and video file formats, but people tend to use 3rd party tools for such things. Here we will provide you the information about some highly ...

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How to use Ethernet and WIFI together on Windows 10


Ethernet is the most common way intended for local area network. It uses physical optical fiber cables for computer-networking components. On the other hand, Wi-Fi is a technology which enables wireless LAN network to electronic devices using 2.4 GHz Ultra high frequency (UHF) and 5 GHz SHF ISM radio bands. Most of the people prefer Wi-Fi to connect to the internet ...

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Best Free Password Managers for Windows 10


It is advisable for every user to keep a separate password for each website or online service so that no one can hack all your account by knowing one password and also your entire work doesn’t get affected when you forget the password. Well! We know that people tend to forget password, especially when they do not use any service regularly. ...

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How to Reactivate Windows 10 After Changing Hardware


A lot of people might have faced this problem. After a certain hardware change your Windows 10 doesn’t get activated. Doing a minor change like a hard drive replacement or changing the graphic card never causes this problem, but if you change your motherboard then Windows 10 doesn’t not recognize it as the same computer because you get a new ...

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How to Customize Start Menu in Windows 10 after Anniversary Update


Windows 10 Start Menu is a hybrid of the classic Start Menu that we have seen in Windows 7 and the Tile screen of Windows 8 as it brings functions of both together. Initially, when you buy the computer, you get Start menu options on the left column and live tile section on the right side of your computer screen. ...

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How to Turn Cortana off in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

After the anniversary update Cortana won’t have an ‘off’ switch because the structure of Cortana has been changed and now it has also going to be used in iOS and Android based smartphones. there is one things that gives relief that you can log off Cortana at any point of time and delete its search history as well. You need ...

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Everything You Need to Know About Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Millions of people use Windows 10 across the globe and they are eagerly waiting for the Anniversary Update which is expected to come on 2nd August 2016. It will bring many useful features for the users such as more efficient and easily accessible browser, advance tools for the top level of gaming experience and many more. Microsoft wants as many people ...

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How to Install Non-Compatible Drivers on Windows 10

Windows 10 boasts awesome features, and easy functionality that’s why it has become very popular in past one year globally. People do appreciate the new OS, but often complain that since they have upgraded their Windows 7 or 8 OS to Windows 10, their hardware accessories such as Monitor, Printers or Speakers aren’t working fine. This problem occurs because of ...

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How to Change the System Language Across your Whole Windows 10 PC


Windows 10 is the most recent operating system from Microsoft for Windows-based computers. Every new computer is coming with this OS and since the company has given the options to upgrade, all users who have a genuine copy of Windows 7 and above are also moving to Windows 10 gradually. The new OS has a user-friendly interface and simple functionality but ...

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