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How to Use Windows Battery Saver Mode

Windows 10 was introduced with some of the qualities that are normally found in smartphones and one of them is the Battery Saver mode, which increases the battery life and allows users to work extra even if the power backup is low. During the power saver mode, you can write emails, check social network and finish an important work before ...

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The Best PC Gaming Controllers

The newest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 10 has many exciting features, but the most impressive one for gamers is the reworked integration between the operating system and Xbox one which finally allows the owners of  Xbox one controller to play their favourite games on PC. Even if you don’t like using the standard Xbox one, then there are plenty of new ...

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Tips to Choose a New Mouse for your Windows PC

Are you planning to purchase a new mouse? How will you determine that which one is the best for you? Mouse is a small device, but when it comes to computing, many people can’t even imagine working on a computer without it. Buying an incorrect mouse can not just affect your work, but also invite a muscular injury in the ...

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Edge Tips for Better Browsing on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is the latest Browser that was introduced with Windows 10 and after the anniversary update, it has become more powerful. Edge is not lesser in terms of functionality with other popular browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox, but most of the people are not aware of the features that come along with this browser. Here in this article ...

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Windows 10 Anniversary Update Problems and How to Fix Them

We are quite sure that most of our viewers who use the Windows 10 operating system in their devices such as desktop or mobile have received the Anniversary Update. The new update has come up with lots of exciting features, but many users have also reported some annoying issues since the upgrade. Windows 10 Anniversary Update also puts restrictions on ...

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Best Free Password Managers for Windows 10


It is advisable for every user to keep a separate password for each website or online service so that no one can hack all your account by knowing one password and also your entire work doesn’t get affected when you forget the password. Well! We know that people tend to forget the password, especially when they do not use any ...

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How to Customize Start Menu in Windows 10 after Anniversary Update


Windows 10 Start Menu is a hybrid of the classic Start Menu that we have seen in Windows 7 and the Tile screen of Windows 8 as it brings functions of both together. Initially, when you buy the computer, you get Start menu options on the left column and live tile section on the right side of your computer screen. ...

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How to Turn Cortana off in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

After the anniversary update Cortana won’t have an ‘off’ switch because the structure of Cortana has been changed and now it has also going to be used in iOS and Android based smartphones. there is one things that gives relief that you can log off Cortana at any point of time and delete its search history as well. You need ...

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Everything You Need to Know About Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Millions of people use Windows 10 across the globe and they are eagerly waiting for the Anniversary Update which is expected to come on 2nd August 2016. It will bring many useful features for the users such as more efficient and easily accessible browser, advance tools for the top level of gaming experience and many more. Microsoft wants as many people ...

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