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How to Auto-Hide Taskbar in Windows 10 Tablet Mode

Windows 10 comes with Tablet Mode, which is enabled by default on small devices, which are about 8 inches. It is an excellent mode for tablets, but the taskbar is an annoyance on a small screen as it takes space when you are reading in full view. So how do you get rid of it? Do you need an app? No. It’s inbuilt, and the feature is as old as Windows 95 or Probably XP, and it works in Windows 10 Tablet mode as well. In this post, we will show how you can auto-hide Taskbar in Windows 10 Tablet Mode.

How to Auto-Hide Taskbar in Windows 10 Tablet Mode

auto-hide Taskbar in Windows 10 Tablet Mode.

  • In Tablet Mode, tap on the search icon and type “Taskbar.”
  • You should see the option which says Taskbar Settings. Click or Tap to open it.
  • Now under Taskbar tab, select the option which says Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode.

And you are done. Anytime you need to access the taskbar, which you will as you have the task switcher there, slowly swipe up from the bottom of the screen, and it will show up. It works in desktop mode as well. To hide the taskbar again, repeat the same process.

In the same place, you can choose to hide icons on the taskbar to have more space for open applications. If you want to get rid of Tablet mode, then you should use the first option in the image, which chooses what happens when you sign-in. The default depends on the hardware, but if you want to open in regular desktop mode, you can do so instead of tablet mode.

If you stay on tablet mode, make sure to get a warning if some other app tries to switch to desktop mode from tablet mode to keep away the surprises. Read our post on how you can customize the taskbar even further.

I hope the post was easy to follow, and you were able to auto-hide Taskbar in Windows 10 Tablet Mode.

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  1. You don’t understand the issue the app addresses. The issue people have (which is well documented https://windows.uservoice.com/forums/265757-windows-feature-suggestions/suggestions/8168217-taskbar-hiding-options-for-tablet-mode-and-desktop), which is why the app was made ( http://www.nibblerapps.com ), is that when you use your tablet as a tablet, laptop, and desktop, you want the taskbar to automatically be there for laptop and desktop, but not in tablet. The setting you refer to makes it disappear for tablet mode and desktop mode. Which means you’d have to constantly be changing your settings.


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