Video : Backup & Export SMS from Windows Phone ( Homebrew / Unlocked Phones )

Seems like I missed a lot when on Vacation because SMS Backup Tool for Windows Phone came out sometimes back and it works on couple of Windows Phone which is unlocked and possibly Interop Unlock. Check the list of Phones over which it is working and why not on others but as it gets working, we will keep you posted.

SMS Backup Menus

Features of SMS Backup

  • Backup and Export to either Windows Phone Isolated  storage mode or upload it to Skydrive.
  • When exported to SkyDrive, it will create a folder named as SMS and upload files with unique name as of now date is being used but you can give your own name.
  • Allows you to take backup of SMS in Threaded or Date format.
  • You can choose between XML or TXT format.
  • Supports CSV Format also.
  • Restore SMS : Now it is possible to restore your SMS when you switch phone or deleted SMS or switching to a new rom.  See how to with a video.
  • Supports English and Chinese.
  • Export Facebook Chat and MSN Friends Message.
  • Download from here

How the Tool Works ?

App Working

Once you install the app, launch it and it will display all your SMS . You can browse the SMS using navigation tool there. To backup, click on Menu bar and select Backup and Export. You can backup either in isolated storage or Skydrive ( Highly Recommended ) and use the text format as it is more readable. XML format will be more usable only when restore option comes in.

Dont Want to use SkyDrive ?  Use isolated Storage Tool

For users who do not want to use Skydrive as an option, I will suggest you to use this Windows Phone Manager Tool. Using this tool is simple,  Install this tool and launch Zune and select Extract SMS from Device and you will get option to export individual SMS, Conversation or all in XML or Text Format.


A bit of history if you are interested so you understand why it does not work on your phone. Basically all the SMS on Windows Phone are backedup internally over a XML files known as CommsBackup.xml which is stored in isolated storage of Windows Phone. This tool basically copies that XML and extracts SMS from it and then exports.  So now any Windows Phone which does not allow to work with that will restrict this app to extract SMS.

SMS Over Skydrive Proof


List of Windows Phone for which it is Working / Not Working

  • Samsung Focus 1st generation : Works and I have the demo done using that.
  • Samsung / LG  / HTC Gen 1
  • HTC generation two i.e. Titant and Radar, Dell, Nokia, and Toshiba/Fujitsu have issues with Interop Unlock.

Screenshot :

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Video Demo

Watch on YouTube

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  1. I’ve been wanting to try out windows phone for a while, but SMS Backup has been a sticking point for me… is the Samsung SGH i917 Focus a gen1 phone (i.e. would it be compatible with this?) I’m thinking of picking up one on eBay so I can finally give Windows Phone a try.

  2. Hi Ashish,

    Thanks for a great post! I was desperately looking for something to backup my messages from my Nokia Lumia 800. The question I have though is, how do I install the SMS Backup app on my phone? I see the link you have provided has a .zip version, but that is just showing the files in my phone and there is no installable. I read some of the other forums and saw someone changed the extension to .xap and it worked for them. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me :(

    Can you please tell me how to install this app on my phone?

    Thanks again for a great post!

  3. hi
    i have my messages into skydrive
    now i upgrade my windows phone
    and i need to restore theme
    but there is no option to restore theme from skydrive
    i only have them in skydrive not in isolated Storage


  4. Hi!
    I am not sure if I have to install the app on my computer and somehow drag it on my phone or is it an app to directly install on my phone? I have a HTC Trophy Windows 7 phone. When I download it on my computer I am not able to do anything. And if I search for an app named like this on my mobile phone, I am not able to find anything….

  5. m not able to find any download link nor its there in the marketplace. Even in the features section above Download here theres no option to download the software. Help.

  6. Hey Ashish!

    Would this app come to unlocked phones through Windows Store any time? I mean it looks like Microsoft doesn’t want the users have this feature because we’re having to unlock our phones. Some of our phones are corporate phones and they do not allow unlocking. So we’d need this app through the Windows store?

  7. Really doubt it. Windows Phone 8 does automatic backup which only gets restored automatically when you switch phones.

  8. Right, but if we’ve to go by what the forums say, the messages that are backed up in Live are purged if you delete them from your phone. We would like to have the archive feature. So they should allow this, shouldn’t they?

  9. Hay Ashish,
    I have HTC Radar…
    Can you help me, how to install SMS Backup Tool for Windows Phone..
    I have been searching for these installer and I cant find it

  10. Ashish,

    I have an AT&T Samsung Focus SGH-i917 running Windows Phone 7.5 My phone is starting to die and I need to get a new phone. I have two questions:

    1. What new phone do you recommend I get to replace my Samsung?
    2. Is there a way to move my text messages to the new phone? If so, how?


  11. Ashish, I am returning back to Windows from Android. I have backed up my SMSs in to an .xml file. Is it possible to restore the messages on my new Windows phone with this app or any other app?

  12. I have an HTC Trophy Windows Phone 7.5 and I really need to save my SMS messages so that I can upgrade to a new Windows Phone 8 Nokia 928. Can I install SMS Backup and use it for this?
    Thank you so much for any help you can offer.

  13. Hello
    I wish my question have been not repeated.
    Can u tell me that is it work on HTC Mozart windows (7.5 or 7.8) anyway please?
    thanks alot

  14. Hello Ashish
    Can we use this app for backing up SMSs from HTC 7 Mozart. Current version of OS is Windows Phone 7.8
    Please confirm

  15. Ashish, I have just bought a new HTC One M8 and currently have the HTC Windows 8x. I desperately need to find a way to transfer all my SMS, (text messages) across to the ne HTC One M8 (this is android). There seems to be no apps to do this, can this simply be done?

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