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Windows 10 is full of games which have been beautifully done, and really impressive even if they don’t fall into popular category. One of these games is Badlands. Its a survival game with background music which will haunt you throughout as you try to make your way out for forest which is breaking apart.

Badland Windows 10 Mobile Game

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The game usually runs $3.99 on the Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile Store, but is free for next 24 hours with my AppFree Deal. If you been waiting for a price drop, this is your chance.

Price: $2.99+

Those who had never know about this game,  it’s an atmospheric sidescrolling action adventure platformer taking place in a gorgeous forest full of various inhabitants, trees and flowers. Although the forest looks like it’s from some beautiful fairytale, there seems to be something terribly wrong. You play as one of the forest inhabitants to find whats wrong, and need to cross over traps, and make your way out.

When the game starts, just press anywhere to make the creature fly, and this also starts the screen to move towards right. You will be ultimately racing against the screen, and if you get left behind, get stuck in trap, you need to restart from zero on that level.

  • The graphics, and music is beautiful.
  • Features  local multiplayer for up to four players playing with the same device.
  • You can also co-operate with your friends by playing the modified single player campaign together with your friends supporting up to four players.
  • Single-player campaign with 80 truly unique levels.
  • Additional level packs with 20 levels available as try-before-buy In-App Purchases.
  • Multiplayer mode for up to four players playing with the same device in 23 levels and more coming in updates .
  • Co-operative mode for up to four players .
  • Survive the modified single player campaign together with your friends.
  • Intuitive one-touch controls combined with innovative level design.
  • Highly immersive audio-visual gaming experience.
  • More levels and content coming in updates


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