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Battery Status App for Windows Phone ( Homebrew )

If you always hated the Windows Phone battery Icon as it shows nothing but meaningless icon, singularity0821@xdaforum has developed a Battery Status app which displays the left battery power in percentage.

Features :

  • Displays Battery Status in percentage for both charging and discharging.
  • Supports Pin to Start menu which displays Battery Status percentage in real time.
  • You can turn on the graph support to see how your battery is getting discharged. You can view the graph of previous day also.
  • This graph can be cleared off manually or when you select to turn it off from settings.

Battery Status  Percentage

Settings :

  • Update Live Tile Automatically
  • Log battery status and display graph.
  • Show discharging status in App.

My Experience :

In case you dont see the right percentage getting displayed on the live tile as soon as you install the app, I will suggest you to wait for a day or so to get it corrected. This happened with me.

You can also try removing the live tile, turning the settings on and off couple of times till you get it right but then again it might not happen with everybody.

Also I would have loved if the graph wasn’t getting cleared when I turned it off from settings.

The App needs to be developer unlocked as its a home brew app so if you do not want to try, wait for this to officially get into the market.

Video Demo

Watch on YouTube

Screenshots :

[minigallery id=”1010″ style=”box border box_white”]


You can download the XAP file from here

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