Best Budget Microphone for Personal Use

Billions of YouTube views or millions of podcast streams, there are always some deciding factors behind a creator’s success. Sure it is his humor, gameplay, and even the things he talks about, the visuals the viewer sees, and the audio he hears is undoubtedly the secret ingredients. And today, we are talking about one of them, incredible sound and, in particular, what gives us that great sound. Today we are talking about the TONOR TC-777 microphone.

Best Budget Microphone for Personal Use

The TONOR TC-777 is a driver-free microphone with a plug and play design, making its installation super easy. It is a cardioid microphone, which means it rejects sound from different directions, making it the best at picking up sounds from the front and tempts the users needing a mic for vocals or speech.

TC-777 USB Microphone.

TONOR TC-777 is a perfect fit for streaming games, recording vocals, YouTube, and even video conferencing. One of the best microphones under $50 is compatible with any operating system, be it Apple or Windows, TONOR works with all. It is compatible with Playstation and gives a kickass pickup with good sound quality.

Just for $39, you get a complete microphone kit which includes:

  • Power cord
  • A tripod desk stand with folding feet.
  • A mini shock mount
  • Pop filter
  • Manual and a service card
  • A foam windscreen

The mic is approximately 6” and has a plastic body with matt blue finish. USB cable is about 5feet long. The tripod stand has durable metal legs with rubber feet for stability, and it connects to the mic with a 5/8” thread. The mini shock mount has rubber bands for mic suspension and protection against surface vibrations. The mic holding part is 180* rotatable with a gooseneck to connect the pop filter. The foam windscreen slips over the mic and is used to reduce breath noise and unwanted BG sounds. You can also use the mic on a boom arm to further reduce the surface vibrations that the mic may catch.


  • Clear and well-balanced sound with little distortion and very soft closest P, T, and F sounds
  • Easy to manipulate the raw audio while editing
  • High-cost performance
  • Compact size with a reasonably good appearance


  • May not pick up sounds without damping it from a distance
  • Not compatible with phones, IPads, and Xbox
  • No rich tonal accuracy
  • Little short USB cable, Could be longer

TONOR TC-777 vs. Blue Yeti – THE BRAWL

Cost $130 $39.99( 1/3rd of yeti)
Accessories Just the mic and stand A complete mic kit
Optimisation dials YES NO
Auxiliary sound reduction NO YES
Headphone jack YES NO
Sound quality Warmer and hard to edit Easy to edit raw audio
Value for money FAIR VERY HIGH


If you are a beginner and need a mic for personal use, i.e., for home, office, and video conferencing, TONOR TC-777 is right for you. Save yourself $70 with this ALMOST PERFECT piece of engineering.

Buy TONOR TC-777 at

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