Best CamScanner Alternatives for Android for Scanning Documents

While CamScanner is an excellent app when it comes to scanning document but if for any reason you are not able to use it or install it on your Android, here are some best CamScanner alternatives which you can use to scan and share documents.

Best Camscanner Alternatives

Best CamScanner Alternatives for Android for Scanning Documents

  1. Doc Scanner
  2. Cam Scanner Advance
  3. Scanner App to PDF
  4. Simple Scan
  5. Top Scanner
  6. Google Drive
  7. Adobe Scan
  8. Microsoft Office Lens
  9. Photoscan by Google
  10. ScanPro

1] Doc Scanner

It is one of the most advanced scanning apps and offers similar features to Camscanner. It packs in a lot of features such as Filters, automatic edge detection, which is pretty good, allows the users to add photos to the files even after scanning and more. One could also export the files in either PDF or jpeg, bringing flexibility. Yes, it misses out on a few features such as OCR and hand signature scanning but excels at what it does, such as scanning notes, bills, and more.

Best CamScanner Alternatives for Android for Scanning Documents


  • Automatic Edge Detection
  • Export in Multiple Formats


  • No OCR
  • No Hand Signature Scanning

Download Doc Scanner

2] Cam Scanner Advance

Best CamScanner Alternatives for Android for Scanning Documents

Going by the name, adding an advance to the end, Cam Scanner Advance comes with a lot of additional features from Cam Scanner. It features OCR to recognize text from the images quickly, can scan images at a later stage, and more. Automatic Edge Detection is on point as well. It has support for batch scanning, Exporting in PDF, image formats, QR code scanning, filters, and lots more. It also misses out on a few features similar to other apps such as Signature scanning and more.


  • Export Files in Multiple Format
  • OCR Support
  • Batch Scanning


  • No Signature Scanning

Download Cam Scanner Advance

3] Scanner App to PDF

Another application that brings a lot of similarities with the Camscanner application, Scanner App to PDF, comes with a variety of features such as High-Quality scanning, multiple filters to choose from, OCR, exporting the image in various formats, support for scanning and sharing the documents. As an additional bonus, the app also has Cloud Integration, which can automatically backup the files to the cloud, has support for scanning QR codes, and a lot more.

Scanner App to PDF


  • Export Files in Multiple Formats
  • Cloud Integration
  • Sign and Share


  • Mediocre Cropping

Download Scanner App to PDF

4] Simple Scan

Simple Scan, another CamScanner alternative, with a pretty similar looking UI to original CamScanner. It packs in a lot of features such as Cloud Integration to upload files directly to the DriveDrive, can batch scan files, support for exporting files in various formats, and more. It also has features such as Grayscale, color, black and white, OCR, has support to password protect documents, and more.

Simple Scan PDF Image


  • Supports Filters
  • Export Files in Multiple Formats
  • Password Protect Documents

Download Simple Scan


  • No Signature Scanning

5] Top Scanner

Top Scanner has a pretty close UI to Camscanner, has pretty much similar features, and more. It has a pretty good Edge Detection; the app offers the ability to fine-tune the image after capturing, export the document in PDF, PNG, and more. It also has a pretty good document manager who could help in organizing files, has an option to automatically backup files to the cloud, and more. Overall it’s a feature-packed alternative.


  • Good Edger Detection
  • Export in Multiple Formats
  • Backup Files


  • No Signature Support

Download Top Scanner

6] Google Drive

While this may come as a surprise for a few people, Google Drive could be used as an alternative to CamScanner. It has an in-built scanner application that could be accessed just by clicking the ‘+’ button. Although it is not as featured-packed as CamScanner or any other application on the list, as it comes pre-installed on most of the Android smartphones, it’s worthy of being on the list. When you scan a document using Google Drive, it directly gets saved in the Drive without you being worried about your data not being in safe hands.


  • Decent Edge Detection
  • Save Files Directly to Google Drive
  • Share Files Easily
  • Simple and Clean User-Interface


  • Not Feature packed

Download Google Drive

7] Adobe Scan

One of the Best Alternatives for CamScanner is Adobe Scan. Adobe Scan is a professional PDF management tool developed by Adobe Inc to capture a document. It can either be it a photo, receipts, notes, or anything which can then be digitized anywhere and anytime. It can automatically detect the documents for borders, aligns, sharpens, and processes the scanned content to keep it in focus.

It also has an OCR feature that can automatically recognize text from the documents for which its rival CamScanner was pretty high in demand. It can save documents in various extensions like PDF, JPG, PNG, and multiple more file formats.


  • Automatic Edge Detection
  • Supports OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Save in various formats.
  • Saves Automatically to the Cloud
  • Free and no Watermark.


  • An account is needed to access the application

Download Adobe Scan

8] Microsoft Office Lens

The Microsoft Office Lens is yet another CamScanner alternative that one could opt for. For one already into the Microsoft Ecosystem, the Microsoft Office Lens would be a perfect choice. While one can always scan documents such as receipts and more, this application does offer additional features to scan hand-written notes, diagrams, whiteboard tables, and more to make it even more readable.

One can directly export the document to either of the office applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Apart from these features, it offers all the essential features such as OCR, automatic edge detection, and more while also providing the ability to synchronize the documents to OneNote and OneDrive.


  • Supports OCR, Automatic Edge Detection
  • Synchronize with One Note and OneDrive
  • Scan Handwritten Notes, Diagrams and More
  • No Watermark


  • Sometimes the image comes out shadowed or blurry around the edges.

Download Microsoft Office Lens

9] Photoscan by Google

If you do scan a lot of photos, and were using CamScanner previously then do try out Photoscan by Google. Photoscan by Google is one of the best applications out there for scanning photos as it brings out the picture with high color accuracy and details. It also eliminates glares or reflections, bringing out a clear image with excellent edge detection. Additionally applied with Google’s post-processing color algorithm, the output results are shocking.


  • Best for scanning Photos
  • Glare/Reflection Free
  • Great Colour Accuracy with details.
  • Free, No Watermark.


  • Only suited for scanning photos

Download PhotoScan

10] ScanPro

ScanPro, yet another great alternative to CamScanner but with several numerous advantages over it. ScanPro has a very easy to use UI, offers features such as custom folders, smart file naming, automatic synchronization with cloud-based services such as Google Drive, iCloud, and more. The output produced by the application is outstanding across books, files, receipts, notes, and more. It can also perform OCR in up to 60 languages, can be themed as well. It also adds the option to Sign and Annotate, the ability to search across files, and lots more.


  • Smart File Naming
  • Synchronization to Cloud
  • Sign and Annotate Files
  • Search Across Documents


  • A little slow while processing the documents.

Download ScanPro

Video: CamScanner Alternatives

So that was our list of Best CamScanner alternatives, there are some applications which are entirely featured-packed while there are some which are particularly useful at a function. The user can pick an application depending on his requirement, and we are pretty sure he won’t be disappointed.

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