Ten Best Car Racing Games on Windows 11/10 PC

So just finished watching Fast and Furious? Getting that speed rush inside you but can’t take it out on real streets because “Speed thrills but kills”? So today we have some of the best car racing games for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone, and Windows 11/10 PC that will satisfy your speed rush and will give you the adrenaline rush. So sit back and strap yourself and check out these Best Car Racing Games on Windows 10 PC and Mobile.

Best Car Racing Games on Windows 11/10 PC

It’s a curated list of some of the best racing games on Windows PC. Ensure to check if it has controller support.

  1. Asphalt 8: Airborne
  2. CarX Drift Racing
  3. Hill Climb Racing
  4. Asphalt Overdrive
  5. NFS: Hot Pursuit
  6. Beach buggy racing
  7. GT Racing 2
  8. Real Racing 2
  9. City Racing 3D
  10. Pocket Rally

Make sure to try each of them to find what works best for you.

1] Asphalt 8: Airborne

So you want to race. Yeah? Check out this popular game by Gameloft available both on Windows Pc and Windows Mobile. This game ensures that you get filled with adrenaline rush with high-speed aerial stunts with great car physics engine with comprehensive car damage system. Ever wanted to drive Ferraris’, Lamborghinis’ and high-end cars? This game covers that too. You get a range of vehicles to choose from spanning across different classes.  You can also customize them with performance and visual upgrades.

This game has a usual career mode and an online multiplayer mode where you can race with players around the world. Another style is Mastery mode where you can master 15 level races of each car to earn more rewards.

Best Car Racing Games on Windows 10 PC and Mobile

It offers standard control options ranging from on-screen controls, tap to steer, motion sensor controls, and keyboard (if you are playing on Windows PC).  You can also adjust music modes like bass, electronic also you can alter camera settings depending on your driving style (just like height adjustable driving seats) and graphics quality (could help balance quality and performance depending on the device).  All this will act as a garnish for your speed rush!

This game is available for free and is Xbox Live enabled.

Download Asphalt 8: Airborne

2] CarX Drift Racing

You just are done with watching Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift and now you are fascinated by the way actors swing their hot rides around the corners with precious use of handbrakes, accelerators, and gears and the way their cars burn rubbers? And you also wanted to try this? But again that bell rang in your head that speed thrills but kills? No worries, this game is right for you, and try to satisfy your “Drifting Craze.”

You can choose from a range of classes of cars like coupe, muscle cars, and even pick-up trucks. You can also customize your rides and change the color of your ride smoke (Those drifters in real will never be able to do this, so you are one step ahead)

Best Car Racng Games Windows 10 Mobile2

The game offers realistic driving physics of rear-wheel drive powerful drift machines.

  • Variety of controls to choose
  • Option to turn on or off steering assist and brake assists as per your ease.
  • Adjust graphics settings.

Reliable engine and turbo sound with the sound of a blow-off valve add a cherry to your drifting rush. The game offers the usual career mode and an online multiplayer mode.

This game is available for free, now head on to the below link download it, and perform some doughnuts!

Download CarX Drift Racing

3] Hill Climb Racing

Love mountain climbing? Or enjoy playing endless running games, but you also love racing? Are you looking out for something in the middle? Hill climb racing is just right for you, an endless hill climbing driving game with high physics through unique hill climbing challenges from different cars. Collect fuel to make sure you never run out of gas and collect coins to buy new cars and upgrades. Balance out your hill climb without falling with the precision use of accelerator and brakes. All in all this game is all about precision and is available both on Windows PC and Mobile.

Best Car Racing Games on Windows 10 PC and Mobile

Download Hill Climb Racing

4] Asphalt Overdrive

Want to get the feel of Cops n Robbers and mission-based racing with toppings of high-speed stunts? Try this 1980’s retro style sunny southern California-based game with a blend of amazing high-end graphics effects. Escape the cops, defeat the bosses to avoid obstacles, and perform stunts in split seconds that can pump up your racing enthusiasm.

Best Car Racing Games on Windows 10 PC and Mobile

You can also connect through Facebook and challenge or play with your friends, join gangs achieve weekly goals, show off your skills as you advance in league championships, and a lot more! And available both on Windows PC & Mobile and is Xbox Live enabled.

Head on to the below store link and get “super-charged with the hide-away license plate”! Well, Almost!

5] NFS: Hot Pursuit

Want to experience your favorite need for speed hot pursuit that you played on your console or windows pc? You can experience it on your windows mobile too! Want to be the cop chasing down racers or racer outrunning the law this game offers you to drive high-end cop cars as cops or exotic cars as racers. The game provides you with different controls options ranging from on-screen controls to motion sensor controls you can select them as per your driving style.  Use EMP to fry racer’s electrical systems or use roadblocks and spike strips to smash down racers or use jammers, oil slicks, or overdrive to outrun the cops.

Best Car Racing Games on Windows 10 PC and Mobile

It truly gives you a feel of the rush of the escape and the thrill of the takedown as it suggests. This game is also Xbox Live enabled.

Download NFS: Hot Pursuit

6] Beach buggy racing

Let’s take racing madness from cars to kart! With off-road kart madness. The game’s stunning graphics and physics will keep you engaged backed by exciting crazy power-ups like Oil slick, Frenzy, and more.

Further, your racing enthusiasm will pump up with challenging rivals with unique personalities and special abilities. Race on the exclusive tracks, pimp up your ride with unique upgrades, and run to victory! This game is available both on Windows PC and Mobile.

Best Car Racing Games on Windows 10 PC and Mobile

Download Beach Buggy Racing

7] GT Racing 2

Fascinated by Grand touring or Le-Mans racing and the way those exotic cars are racing at a high rated speed and a crowd full of enthusiasm cheering for drivers? Want real driving feel like a racing game aka simulation racing game? This game is just right for you with realistic graphics and real-like game physics. You can select a range of cars including high-end exotics like Ferrari, Mercedes, and more! And you can also upgrade them with performance kits and visual upgrades.

Best Car Racng Games Windows 10 Mobile8

It offers a variety of modes to choose from which includes Classic races, One On One, Knockout round, and Overtakes. There are 13 tracks to choose from with different times of day and weather.

You can also choose a variety of camera views that suits your driving style including the interior view! Play solo or multiplayer join teams and achieve common goals and lots more! It is available on both platforms and the best of all the Best Car Racing Games on Windows 10 PC and Mobile.

Best Car Racng Games Windows 10 Mobile9

Download GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience

8] Real Racing 2

Another simulation racing game available on Windows Mobile which promises you to give a thrilling racing rush. There is a range of amazing cars to choose from, and you can also upgrade them both with performance kits and visually. The game almost offers different controls option, and you can select any of them as per your driving style. You can also turn on or off anti-skid, brake and steering aid.

Best Car Racing Games on Windows 10 PC and Mobile

The game offers different modes which include career mode, quick races, time trials, and online multiplayer mode. In career mode, you progress through Club Divisions, State Showdown, Grand National, Pro Circuit, and World Series with many levels of races in each of them.

The game also offers different camera modes as per your ease including the interior view! All in all, the game tries to keep your racing spirit up and high. This game is also Xbox Live enabled.

Download Real Racing 2

9] City Racing 3D

This game is not only characterized by the stunning graphics and physics, but also by its slim size of just 46 MB like a real “Pocket Rocket.” There are amazing cars to choose from, drift, fly on them unleash your fantastic driving skills. The game offers tracks based in world cities like Paris, Tokyo London, and lots more!

Best Car Racing Games on Windows 10 PC and Mobile

It offers a variety of controls and camera modes, and you can adjust them as per your driving style with modes like Classic race, Elimination, One on One, or Test Drive!

Download City Racing 3D

10] Pocket Rally

Finally, Are you Fan of Ken Block, the rally driver? Love the way his ride swing around the corners, jumps up n high up the hill, and do you love rallycross? This game is just right for you. The game is based on old-school rally racing and offers excellent graphics and car physics for a breathtaking rally experience.

Best Car Racing Games on Windows 10 PC and Mobile

It offers challenge and single-mode and different controls including gamepads support! Go ahead and download this game if you want the feeling of a real rush.

Download Pocket Rally

It concludes our list of  Best Car Racing Games on Windows 11/10. Which one is your favorite? Do have any recommendations in addition to these? Let us know

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