10 Best Edu Apps for Windows

Students have to handle a lot of tasks daily. They take notes, organize their schedules, learn languages, and work on group projects, among numerous other assignments, on their to-do lists. The extensive coursework is hard to manage without digital solutions.

There are a lot of useful apps for your Windows PC that will make your school year much more manageable. They boost your productivity by streamlining some of your daily tasks and making your study sessions more efficient. For this article, we’ve hand-picked ten must-have educational apps for students.

Best Edu Apps for Windows

Ten Best Edu Apps for Windows

Here is the list of some of the best Edu Apps for Windows

  1. Notion
  2. Grammarly
  3. MindMaster
  4. myHomework
  5. Resultivity
  6. Duolingo
  7. Quizlet
  8. VitalSource Bookshelf
  9. Edmodo
  10. Power Planner

Make sure to read about each of them, and then pick up whatever works best for you.

1] Notion

Notion Education App

The Notion is generally known as a note-taking app, but its extended functionality offers users much more than that. You can create hundreds of possible layouts within the writing surface of the app. Collect and record any information: your classroom notes, reading insights, to-do lists, goals, docs, and research take-aways.

With Notion, you’ll no longer need to deal with the chaos of notes and bookmarks on your computer. You can build your workflow from scratch, employ it for personal use, and work across groups.

2] Grammarly

Grammarly Education App

Writing assignments become much easier to handle with Grammarly as your assistant. Get it for your desktop and use writing help across apps to write your papers, emails, and notes. The app provides grammar, spelling, and style suggestions that immediately boost your writing quality.

Feedback from Grammarly gradually makes you more confident with your skills. However, if you need extra academic help while you practice, consider essay writing by EssayService. It’s a convenient service when you need genuine human assistance and advice from experts. It is something that digital tools can’t substitute.

3] MindMaster

MindMap Education App

MindMaster is a powerful mind mapping tool for brainstorming and visualization. You can use it to gather ideas and establish connections between them. It provides valuable assistance when planning your paper and building a strong argument.

MindMaster supports group work so you can work on projects with your peers in real-time. Another striking feature of the app is the ability to turn your mind map into a presentation in a few clicks.

4] myHomework

MyHomeWork Education App

myHomework is a real gem for planning and organization. It was specifically designed for students to help them track classes and school assignments. Using this app, you can manage your projects and papers. myHomework will remind you of exams and due dates so you won’t miss a single deadline.

You can also upgrade to myHomework Premium for $4.99 per year and get even more features. File attachments, homework widgets, homework import, and shareable planners will boost your organization even more.

5] Resultivity

Resultivity Education Apps

We often lose track of our time and waste our productive hours on distractions. Resultivity is a time management assistant that returns control to you. It offers a multifunctional time tracker that keeps you focused and organized.

The app provides a gamified experience. You get points for completing tasks, so every new tick on your to-do list becomes a small victory that keeps you motivated to nurture positive habits.

6] Duolingo

duilingo education apps

Duolingo is a perfect tool for language learners. It is based on microlearning principles with its holistic approach and bite-sized lessons. You can use it to improve your speaking, listening, and reading skills. Yet, the experience is nothing like traditional boring language lessons.

The app proves that learning can be fun. It adopts game-based practices that keep users motivated to build a habit of continuous learning. Based on the AI features of the app, Duolingo offers engaging challenges and learning games, which are specifically tailored to your needs.

7] Quizlet

Quizlet Education App

Every student needs to have a flashcard app at their disposal. It’s an effective method to memorize information and transfer knowledge into long-term memory. With Quizlet, you can create flashcards and share them with friends. It also has an extensive library of resources created by other students.

Quizlet supports different game-like activities that allow you to review your learning materials. With its help, you can study for exams and important tests to deepen your understanding of a subject.

8] VitalSource Bookshelf

Bookshelf Education App

Digital tools allow students to study anytime and anywhere. VitalSource Bookshelf makes your study sessions even more convenient as it organizes all your ebooks in one place. Needless to say, digital copies of your textbooks are also much cheaper than physical books.

With VitalSource Bookshelf, you improve your reading experience by making margin notes and adding bookmarks. Besides, when all your learning materials are stored in one place, it facilitates reviewing, knowledge retention, and memorization. The app also has a text-to-speech feature for those who prefer to listen and follow along.

9] Edmodo

Edmodo Education App

Edmodo is an effective solution for online learning. It enriches the digital classroom experience, helping students stay organized and grow skills. Instant messaging keeps students and their teachers connected and encourages collaboration.

The app also has notes, assignments, quizzes, and polls that organize classroom activities and facilitate communication. A built-in planner serves to structure your workflow into categories and subjects. Edmodo also supports social learning and offers different opportunities for community building and group work.

10] Power Planner

Power Planner Windows

As a student, you need a solid planner to manage your chaotic schedule full of classes, extracurriculars, social events, and papers. Power Planner is a tool that keeps you on top of your assignments. It syncs with your mobile devices and keeps you updated about homework with automatic reminders.

Besides, you can manage your schedule and enter the time and place of all your classes. The app calculates your grade and GPA across semesters. It’s a valuable feature if you want to maintain commendable performance and get into your dream college.

Final Words

Windows apps have become indispensable in a toolset of a student. They make you more productive, organized, and disciplined. Once you incorporate apps from our list into your study routine, you’ll wonder how you lived without them.

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