Best File Transfer Apps for Windows 10 Mobile / Windows Phone 8.1

During my last 2 weeks of travel, I realized that file transfer between phones is one of the most common things. This frequency is even higher when you are in a marriage or a festival and want to copy your cousins’ pictures or songs. It interesting that nobody wanted to use Bluetooth, which is actually terribly slow, and most of them were using file-sharing apps like Share It, Xender, etc.

Best File Transfer Apps for Windows 10 Mobile

I am talking about the best file transfer apps available for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile in this post. These apps can transfer almost anything except for apps that are not supported on the platform. I have also tested the transfer between Windows 10 Mobile and Android devices, and it works.

These apps work either through a WiFi Network or using Mobile Hotspot.

Share. It

This app delivers the best experience of all listed here. Once you have selected the files and hit send,  it will automatically scan for other Windows Phone or Android devices on the same network. The app supports sending multiple files and can pickup videos, music files, and images. It works better in Windows 10 Mobile because of native file explorer support.


Looking for the fastest file transfer? Feem is what you need to try. The app UI is terrible, but it’s the best on the list when finding clients and sending files. The app comes with a free and paid version ( $9.99 Steep!), but I didn’t find anything special. Stick to the free.


I liked this app for one simple reason, One to One Connection. Once you connect one phone with another, you will see content on your phone, including pictures, music, and video. All you need is to select them and hit send. The file is then transferred to another phone. It is effortless and straightforward.

The only drawback is that the app is a little slow, and refreshing content takes a bit of time.

Pushbullet Client

There are four of these in the store now, and they all work fine, except that Instabullet, which recently came up with a universal app. You can use it both on PC, and Mobile and it looks very well done. One drawback for all of them is the missing option to send SMS as it’s not openly supported in Windows 10.

All of them are free and fully featured in the Trial version. If you like the app, buy it to support the developer.

Send Anywhere:

While it works almost the same as others, one key difference is that it works even on the internet. Once your files are ready to share, it generates a 6 digit key that anyone can use to receive them. There is an option to directly send files to a device on the network and add 24 hours expiry option. The app is also available on Windows 10 PC.

Which one do you use? Sound off in the comments!

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