Best Health and Fitness Apps for Windows 10

Microsoft Store offers a couple of great apps for health and Fitness. While they are also available for smartphones, if you want to have on Windows 10 computers as well, then here are some of the best health and fitness apps for Windows 10.

Best Health Fitness App Windows

Best Health and Fitness Apps for Windows 10

  1. Fitbit
  2. Adidas Train and Run
  3. Perfect Workout
  4. Daily Workouts
  5. 7 Minute Workout Challenge

1] Fitbit

Fitbit is known for its countless numbers of fitness trackers like Fitbit tracker, Fitbit Ultra, Fitbit Flex, Fitbit Surge, etc.  If you own a Fitbit product, you might want to download their app to keep track of your activity. The good thing is, soon after the launch of Android and iOS apps, they launched their app for Windows Phone 8.1, and now they have a Universal app.

As soon as you fire the app, it asks you to log in or join. The next screen asks you your basic info such as your DOB, height, weight, gender. Enter all the data correctly and log in. Now you reset to track your steps, distance, distance, calories burned, sleep, weight, and much more.

However, for most of the features, you would need a Fitbit tracker. This app motivates you to stay fit with its section called Challenges, where you select your Plan> Enter your weight, track your sleep> View your progress> Achieve your goal. Let’s have a look at good and bad bits of the app:

Good bits:

  • The dashboard is pretty clean and gives various information such as calories burned, your weight, calories are eaten, water consumed. Clicking on the above shows you detailed info about that section.
  • Challenges motivate you to workout; challenges like a daily showdown, goal day, holiday hero, etc. are fun and make you do things. You can add up to 10 friends and compete with them. Interesting, isn’t it?
  • You can add what you had to the Calories Eaten section using your voice, like; I just had Brownies, I had a beer with lasagna for dinner, etc. (Available for US, UK, and AU)
  • If you own a Fitbit fitness tracker, you can do much more with the app like tracking your sleep, set the alarm, music, etc.
  • Messenger option to communicate with friends.
  • Secondary tile can be pinned to show Heart Rate, Exercise, Sleep, and Challenges.

Bad bits:

  • The need for internet connectivity for everything. You can’t even take up the Challenges if you don’t have an internet connection.
  • Most of the features are available only if you have a Fitbit fitness tracker.

Personal Opinion: It’s a great app that features and stunning UI and lots of functionalities. But you still need a Fitbit tracker for getting the most out of this app. It syncs my data across my devices, which is cool and helpful. However, I still don’t understand why it needs the internet to do fundamental things? To show me my activity too? And Secondary tile doesn’t work sometimes, but that’s not a big deal. So, if you have no issues with its INTERNET LOVE, and own a Fitbit tracker, then go ahead and download it from below.

Download from Microsoft Store

2] Adidas Train and Run

Adidas train and run lets you track your heart rate, pace, speed, routes, activity, and calories. You can view your workout history, heart rate curves,  and route maps with your training heart rate zone display. The app comes with loads of Free Workout options like Running (Track or Road), Running (Indoors), Walking, Cycling, Yoga, and much more.

The same goes for Coached Workouts, where you have a lot of varieties to choose from – Assessment Workout, Blue and Green Workout, Progression Workout, and a variety of options under each Workout. The app supports Adidas FIT SMART wrist band.

Good bits:

  • It’s a beautiful app and works fine on both PC and phone.
  • Variety of Workout
  • You can create your Workout plan – Running, Fitness, and Sports, and under Running, there are options like 5k, 10k, Half, and Full Marathon. Under Fitness you get Gain Muscle, Train without Equipment, etc. and under Sports, you have every other sport, from Cricket to Football to Rugby.
  • Supports Voice coaching, so you don’t have to look at your screen now and then.
  • Supports passcode.

Bad Bits:

  • I found it a bit inaccurate compared to other apps.
  • No real-time updates. Speed & Calories burned was only displayed after I reached 0.50 km.

Personal Opinion:

I have used this app since Windows Phone 8, and this is my favorite app. The new Universal app has improved a lot in terms of UI, features, and functionality. Lots of workout options, which will not just keep you fit, but also will make you avoid other apps.

3] Perfect Workout

Doing workout is another thing, but doing it right matters. Perfect Workout is an app that guides you to do your workout correctly through animations. It features a large variety of exercises such as Full Body Exercise, Cardio, Six-packs, etc. with the option to create your activity.

Good Bits:

  • It features a straightforward and beautiful UI.
  • Great animations help you do your workout correctly.
  • You can set your workout time, and your rest time manually. The default Workout time is 30 seconds, and the rest time is 10 seconds, but you can always change them using the slider.
  • Twelve exercise packs for chest, arms, legs, buttock, abs, fat loss, cardio & muscle-building
  • It offers pretty decent customizations like changing the theme color, Dark/Light theme, Sound effects, Coach Voice, etc.

Bad Bits:

  • Doesn’t integrate with services like Fitbit.
  • Only one exercise pack is free. You would have to pay for the rest 11 packs, and its $0.99 each.
  • A preview of the next workout during the rest period would have been nice.

Personal Opinion: I feel it’s an excellent app for simple workouts. You will enjoy work workout (Yes! Right). However, there is less number of exercise packs compared to some other apps, and it’s not made for doing intense workouts. But I still insist on downloading this app as it delivers what it says.

Download from Microsoft Store

4] Daily Workouts

Daily Workouts is your personal trainer. It provides 5 to 10 minutes of daily workout routines for both men and women. During the process, it guides you through some of the best exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home. Each activity has a video and comes with nine workout packs like Abs, Cardio, Butt, Arm, etc.

Good bits:

  • Trading video to help you understand the exercises
  • Straightforward interface.
  • It has 170+ free exercises.

Bad Bits:

  • No Live tile.
  • No customizability options.

Personal Opinion: This app doesn’t offer you anything extraordinary, but it makes sure your work out in the right way by providing a video guide for each workout. However, no customizability at all is a bit disappointing.

Download from Microsoft Store

5] 7 Minute Workout Challenge

With 4.5 stars and over 1.1k ratings, it’s a Universal Windows app that keeps you in shape without the need for any equipment. All you need is a chair, a wall, and your body. A scientific study proves that working out regularly in the shortest time possible provides the most benefit, and this app helps you to do that by reminding you to do your workout usually.

It has a lot of Achievements that can be unlocked by working out regularly. Just like your favorite video game, this app starts you off with three lives. Skip a day and lose a heart, but miss three workouts in a month, and your progress resets to zero, and it’s a game over! Work out every day for seven months to achieve 100% and become a 7/7 champion.

Good bits:

  • The UI is pretty simple with the main page, where you can start your workout quickly. It has options like Full Body, Lower Body, Cardio, Fat Burn, and My Own; here, you can create your pack of exercises.
  • Select your trainer – Alli Simpson, Kung-Fu master, etc.
  • Lots of Achievements to keep you motivated.
  • No internet access needed for workouts.

Bad bits:

  • It’s a bit buggy and not correctly optimized for Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Open the app, and it shows the keyboard for no reason! Which is irritating.
  • The animation could have been better.

Personal Opinion: If you’re in the category of people who always start their workout and leave it after a week or so,  you should download this app. The video-game kind of interface doesn’t let you skip your workout even for a single day.

I am sure there are many more, and  Runtastic and Endomondo Sports Tracker; are one of them. Let us know which is the best Health and Fitness apps you have tried.


  1. I don’t want Google/Android or Apple to ever see or sell my Health data.
    Are there any Health Trackers that link to a PC without first giving your info to Google or Apple to sell to the highest bidders?


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