3 Best Online Tools That Can Help You To Write A Good Essay

To create a leading-edge college essay, a student should have excellent research, writing, and editing skills. All these will help to create an A+ college paper with ease. If you’re not the best writer in a class yet, scroll down below and find the top tree tools that will help you with each step of college essay writing.

Tool for Research

Before writing an essay, a student needs to take a deep dive into and explore a topic thoroughly. Conducting research, a learner needs to use information from trusted and credible resources. Scroll down and learn more about the best online resource that can help to research like a pro.

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Google Scholar

It is a search engine for students that focuses on academic articles only. It will help you to save a bunch of time. By using this tool, you don’t need to surf dozens of untrusted websites and double-check everything. It has a convenient interface that allows saving documents in your library to read them later. Also, the service shows how many times a particular article was cited.

The advanced search feature will help you to find academic writings that contain particular words, phrases, specify a publication time frame, etc. If you don’t want to hassle with this, feel free to use an online paper writing service like AdvancedWriters. If you know nothing about this service, examine AdvancedWriters.com review.

Tool for Writing

After gathering all the details, a student needs to start writing a paper. The online service below will help you to avoid any distractions and focus on your assignment only.

Most Dangerous Writing App

It is a unique service that forces people to write fast without long pauses. Otherwise, it erases the entire document with no ability to restore it. It has a minimalistic interface that allows students to do nothing but writing.

If a user gets stuck, the countdown timer in the form of a progress bar starts, and the background changes its color from white to red. It drives users to reset the timer by writing a paper with no pauses. When the timer ends, the tool erases the entire draft so that a user needs to start from scratch.

Tool for Editing

It’s impossible to create a perfect essay without thorough editing. Once a college paper is ready, a student has to proofread and finalize a paper. Check out the best online service that helps to enhance documents.


It is a leading-edge online application that checks spelling grammar errors and analyzes a paper. Also, this service offers suggestions on how to improve an article. To provide the most suitable suggestions, a user needs to specify goals like a formality, tone, intent, etc.

Moreover, it provides the ability to check the plagiarism level and hire an expert who will proofread a paper thoroughly. If you want an expert writer to create an essay for you, do not hesitate to purchase a college paper at Essay Pro, an assignment writing platform. Don’t forget to check Essay Pro reviews before entering your credit card credentials.

Do Online Tools Help Students?

A lot of people think that online services that help students have a negative effect because they simplify the educational process and help students to get better results with less effort. The truth is that online tools help to increase productivity and teach students how to write correctly by providing corrections instantly.

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