Best Audio Recorder Apps for Windows Phone

Many of the Windows Phone users like to record audio, which could be from a concert or an interview they want to record or a public announcement. There are tons of apps available in the Windows Phone Store, which allows you to record, and they all come with features that make them stand out. Today, I have handpicked a couple as a recommendation which you can use on your phone.

Best Pocket Recorder Apps for Windows Phone

Before we dive in with details, one should know that the quality of recording depends on the type of Windows Phone you are holding. For example, you can expect Lumia 920, 925, 1020, and 1520 to record a lot better audio compared to low-end phones like the Lumia 525, 625, and so on. The former phones have better microphones, and in fact, 1520 comes with 4 microphones that record audio from its closest source.

Below are two sets of apps. One which is feature-rich, and there is a lot of options post-recording, which includes editing. The second set completely concentrates on recording but are beautifully designed and come with some basic feature we expect from all the apps. Also, the apps have a trial, free, and paid mode.

Heavy Weight Recorders: Packed with Features

Features Ultimate Recorder Voice Memo
Format WAV Wav, MP3
Recording Features Lock Screen
Pause On the Go
Skip Silence
Lock Screen
Background Recording
Instant Recording Live Tile
Pause On the Go
Skip Silence
Quality Selection
Mono/Stereo Support
Edit Recording Bookmarking in between recording

Edit File Name

Crop, Delete, Split and Insert

Export Skydrive

PC Broadcast

Sound Cloud
Save to Phone
Reminder / Notes Basic Reminder with repeat function No Reminder
Add to Favorites
Add Picture, Tags, and Notes
File Management Single or Delete All—no multiple selections. Multiple File Selection to delete or add to favs.

Option to Reset app to reclaim space

Support Tags and Search

Security Pinto lock the app

Light Weight Recorders: Does the Job and Elegantly Designed

Features Instant Recorder Mini Recorder
Format WAV Wav
Recording Features Lock Screen
Incognito Mode with Fake Lock Screen or Black Screen
Lock Screen
Pause On the Go
Voice Level Detection
Edit Recording Edit File Name Edit File Name
Export Skydrive
Save to Phone
Save to Phone
Reminder / Notes None No Reminder
Add Picture and Notes
File Management Single Delete. No multiple selections. Multiple File Selection to delete
Security None None


Source: Thanks for the suggestion by Windows Phone Group India 

Which apps are you using for recording? If you don’t see them in the list above, share which one you are using and why in the comments.

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