Best Shareit and Xender Alternatives to Transfer Files

Ruling the world of File Sharing applications, Shareit, which Lenovo developed, is available for all devices. Although the app excels at transferring data over devices, the unnecessary inclusion of apps and streaming of audio and video content over the app has made this app a nightmare to use. Similar is the case with Xender. So if you cant install them or find them on PlayStore, here are some Shareit and Xender alternatives that you can use for sharing files across devices.

Best Shareit and Xender Alternatives to Transfer Files

Best Shareit and Xender Alternatives to Transfer Files

Each of these apps come with their set of features, so make sure to choose based on the features.

  1. Files Go, by Google
  2. Send Anywhere
  3. Zapya
  4. Snapdrop
  5. Push Bullet

Some of these don’t have an app, but you can use them on the browser.

1] Files Go, by Google

Yet another excellent File Sharing application, Files Go by Google, is an almost perfect Shareit alternative. It is a File Manager application by Google, allowing users to share files without having an internet connection. Files Go, you share documents, music, videos, and apps to nearby devices without an internet connection. The transfer speeds are pretty high, the UI is clean without any ads or restrictions, and the overall experience is fantastic.


  • No Ads, Clean UI
  • Fast File Sharing
  • Doesn’t Require Internet Connection


  • Available only on Android Smartphones

Download Files Go, by Google

2] Send Anywhere

One of the most capable Shareit alternatives out there, Send Anywhere, unlike Shareit, allows users to send files across the globe. The app generates a 6-digit security key that could be used to exchange files; also, if you want to share files across multiple people, Send Anywhere could generate a link valid for 48-hours. The application also allows the files shared to be in original sizes without any compression. The speed offered by the application is excellent but requires a stable internet connection for the transfer to take place.


  • Share Files in Original Size
  • Share with Multiple People
  • Send Anywhere across the world


  • Requires a Strong and Active Internet Connection
  • Not all features available in the free version

Download Send Anywhere

3] Zapya

Designed for cross-platform File Sharing, Zapya is an excellent alternative to Shareit if you need to share files in massive numbers. It uses the QR Code method to share files (such as apps, documents, photos, videos, music, and more) across devices. So transferring files across iPhone and Android, iMac and Windows now become comfortable with Zapya. It has a pretty clean UI, although there are a few ads to support the developers. Also, it uses the device’s hotspot to share files, and thus no internet connection is required.


  • Doesn’t Require Internet Connection
  • Cross-Platform File Sharing
  • Simple Group Transfer


  • Minimal Ads.

Download Zapya

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4] Snapdrop

Rivaling Apple’s Airdrop and Shareit, Snapdrop is a web-based application that does require an active internet connection. Moreover, there is no file sharing limit, so users can share pretty much anything they want and in any size. It also has a very similar-looking UI to Airdrop and offers a much simplified experience than sharing it. The application is open-source, and the data is protected from the security point of concern. Thus, this is one of the best online file sharing Shareit alternatives you would find.


  • Web-Based Application
  • Share Files of any size
  • Clean and Minimal UI


  • Requires an active internet connection

Try Snapdrop on your browser (mobile and desktop)

5] PushBullet

The last one on our list, but not the least, Pushbullet is another file-sharing application and a Shareit alternative. It offers a very minimal and simple UI for sharing files across devices. It also allows users to chat, sends links, get notifications, and send text messages. It creates a tunnel between the sender and the receiver for a safe and secure file transferring experience. The application transfers files via Wi-fi, and thus an active internet connection may be required.


  • Send Messages and Share Files with users
  • Excellent file transfer speeds


  • Requires an active internet connection

Download Pushbullet

How Can I Share Files Without Shareit or Xender Between Windows PC (Share Folders)?

Users can use OneDrive on a Windows PC to share files or folders with relatives, friends, or coworkers. OneDrive allows users to share practically any file by establishing a secure link that others may use to view the information, with the added bonus of revoking access at any moment.

How to Share Files Using Nearby Sharing

Bluetooth allows Windows 11/10 PCs to transfer files, links, pictures, and more to neighboring PCs. Users may use Nearby Sharing to transmit files wirelessly between PCs. Here’s how:  open File Explorer, right-click a file or folder, and choose Share. Next, tap on the device nearby you’d like to share with.

How to Share Files Between a MacBook and a Windows PC?

If both the Mac and Windows PCs are connected to the same local network, using the built-in functionality of both operating systems is the most apparent approach to move files from Mac to Windows. Try utilizing the File Sharing option in macOS’ Settings and then accessing the files on a Windows machine by entering a double backward slash following your Mac’s IP address in the File Explorer.

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