Best Software to Split Screen in Windows 11/10

If you have a high-resolution screen or an ultra-wide monitor at home and aren’t using any screen splitting application on Windows, then you are not using the screen to its full potential. With split-screen, users can have more than a single tab open at a time being displayed alongside the other applications without you needing to switch between them. This post will guide you on the best software to split the screen on Windows 11/10.

Yes, switching between programs using ALT + TAB or simply tapping on the application can be done; there are instances wherein keeping two or more windows displayed on the screen simultaneously may help. While Windows comes with a few tools and options that could be used to split the screen on Windows 11/10, if you need additional functionality, follow the list.

Software Split Screen Windows

How to Split Screen in Windows 11/10

While there are many Windows split screen software, you may find around the web for the same purpose, not all applications are as good as the ones listed in the post below. Let’s find out how to split screen on Windows using these applications.

  1. Microsoft Powertoys
  2. GridMove
  3. WindowGrid
  4. OnScreen Control for LG monitors

I highly suggest you try out all split screen software and then choose what works best for you.

1] Microsoft Powertoys

How to Split Screen using Microsoft Powertoys

Microsoft Powertoys is an all-in-one tool that serves multiple purposes. FancyZones, which comes with Microsoft PowerToys, is a powerful window manager that lets users create layouts or windows on their desktop. While Windows usually allows users to divide the grid between a 1×2 or a 2×2 format,  FancyZones lets users create more complex layouts.

Once installed, users can press the Windows+ ` key to open the Zone Editor next; while dragging and dropping a window, press and hold the Shift key or a mouse button to show the zones. Now, Drop a window in a zone, and it will adapt to that layout on your screen. However, some users have reported sudden stutters and freezing issues with the application, so keep an eye on that.


  • All in one tool with Keyboard Manager, Screen Splitter, and more
  • Custom Grid Layouts
  • Easy to operate

Download Microsoft Powertoys

2] GridMove

Splitting Screen using GridMove

GridMove is a screen split software for Windows that aims to simplify windows management for the user. It defines a visual grid on the desktop, which can quickly snap windows. While the program comes bundled with some predefined grid templates that can be easily swapped, creating custom grids as the user requires is also an option. The application makes moving windows, resizing them, and displaying them on a mosaic simple. It is as easy as just a simple drag and drop.

To activate it, Left-click the upper-left edge of the window’s title, and grid mode, will be automatically enabled. Hold the left mouse button and move the window into one of the available grids. The window will automatically be resized to match the dimensions of the grid you drove it into. However, there are a few cons with the application as well. Some of them include the app crashes while changing resolutions, an awkward gap between windows while resizing them, and more.


  • Several pre-made grid templates that can be easily swapped
  • Customizable Grids and Interface
  • Ability to set windows on top and maximize them vertically or horizontally

Download GridMove

3] WindowGrid

WindowGrid - Split Screen Application

WindowGrid is a screen splitter software that allows users to quickly and easily layout their windows on a dynamic grid. The application gives functionality to the typically ineffective right mouse button when moving a window. Performing this will enable the grid snap mode.

The entire operation requires just the mouse. Here it works:

Start with a basic left-click mouse drag operation to move a window. Next, right-click while holding down the left mouse button to display the grid. Move the window to the desired location and release the right mouse button. The window snaps to the grid automatically. Use the cursor to resize the window while holding the left mouse button. Release the left mouse button.


  • Portable and Installable
  • Works with AeroSnap
  • Grid overlay can be customized (dimensions, opacity, and color)

Download WindowGrid.

4] OnScreen Control for LG Monitors

LG on Screen recorder

Designed specifically for LG’s monitors, OnScreen Control from LG is a handy tool to split the screen into grids. It is specifically designed for large screens, i.e., If you wanted an ultrawide monitor split screen software, this comes in handy.

Once launched, users can choose from a variety of custom-made grids. On selecting each of them, users can find a red line on the screen showing how the grids would be placed.


  • Automatic resizing of windows
  • Quickly switch places with a simple drag and drop.
  • Auto re-arrange the sections.
  • Supports multiple monitor configuration
  • Preset based on the applicable type
  • Configure game mode settings

Download LG OnScreen Control for Windows 11 and Windows 10 for LG Monitors.

Note: Almost all OEMs now offer screen splitting software for their monitors that can divide the screen and let you have multiple open Windows.

I hope this post was helpful and you were able to choose the best software split screen in Windows 11/10. With that said, how many of you have an ultra-wide monitor at home? Do drop a comment down below.

How Do I Split My Screen Into Three Windows?

With Snap Layouts incorporated right into the maximize button for each window, Windows 11 allows you to divide the screen quickly. On a computer running Windows 11, start by hovering the mouse pointer over the maximize button to use Snap Layouts. Upon approaching, you should notice a tiny window with four or six possibilities for splitting the screen. Choose the one you prefer, dividing it into three as of this question, and you should now be easily able to split your screen into three windows.

Can You Play Split-screen Games on Two Monitors?

Yes, it is possible to split-screen games on dual or multiple monitors with Windows. However, the process is tiring and not hassle-free. You would be required to adjust the resolution of all three monitors and utilize an application called Windowed Borderless Gaming. It will also depend on the split screen program on how well it can accommodate multiple programs.

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  1. Loved this post! I’ve been struggling to find a decent split-screen software for my Windows 11 laptop, but your recommendations seem promising. I’m going to give EaseUS Video Editor and Aiseesoft Screen Recorder a try and see how they work out. Thanks for sharing your expertise!


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