App Roundup : Best Weather Apps for Windows Phone [Video]

Weather is one of the most talked topics around the world  between strangers and most of time is the ice-breaking conversation. We all definitely check weather before we plan our day, specially if you live in a city where weather changes constantly not to mentioned the erratic weather during rainy season.

So today, at WPXBOX, we are picking up some of the best weather apps available for Windows Phone and would love if you can contribute by sharing the one you use and any personal reason for that choice.

Best Weather Apps for Windows Phone

Free Weather Apps:

Bing Weather:

This app packs in lot of features and being free, it will be most preferred weather app for many users.

  • Add Multiple Cities
  • Daily, Hourly and Weekly weather report.
  • Option to update data only over Wi-Fi.
  • Beautiful weather background and makes sure the text are legible.
  • Supports live tile but does not have double wide tile which many users long for. Live tile displays location, weather forecast, max and min temperature, current temperature with a beautiful background.
  • One thing which I like about that app is that it picks up city name instead of area name.
[appbox windowsphone 63c2a117-8604-44e7-8cef-df10be3a57c8]


Another dead simple app which lets you track weather across multiple cities and expresses weather by using proper icons i.e. Raining clouds for rain along with temperature. You will be able to pin each city as live tile.

When you launch the app directly you get the complete list with first iconized according to weather while rest of the cities have details in form of text along with temperature. There are two drawbacks of the app. One, it does not display weekly weather forecast and second, does not have double tile

[appbox windowsphone ace44e54-1dd8-df11-a844-00237de2db9e]

The Weather Channel:

It’s the most complex and most informative app you would find in the weather app list. Powered by data from the official, US’s premier provider of weather information. If you been using this app on your Android or iPhone before switching to Windows Phone, you wont miss it.

  • Add multiple cities.
  • Hourly, daily and weekly weather forecast.
  • Detailed weather forecast which includes Wind, Dew count, humidity, UV index and many more metrics.
  • You can use your Weather Channel account and share weather conditions by snapping an image.
  • Share weather condition via social network in Windows Phone.
  • Check out weather moments shared by other users.
  • Severe weather alerts for US.
  • Also includes Augment reality and heat maps.
[appbox windowsphone 2676904a-3c87-4647-a7c0-5d0c0886c7a1]


It’s a beautifully done weather app which showcases loads of information about your local weather. Once you include the city, you get all details like temperature, weather condition, humidity, wind, UV index, etc. This is then followed by hourly weather report with wind details.

The next screen is a chart which is very similar to weather channel chart but with less information. Right below the chart are small icons expressing how weather will be on that hour of the day.

[appbox windowsphone 387d641e-a7b7-4669-a477-3e642c5bbd5a]


Just if you don’t want to read a lot, check out the video below in action.

Watch on YouTube

Paid Weather Apps:

Fancy something always more? Time to shell out some money if you need more interesting weather visuals and reports. Below is the list of some of the best apps which are definitely value for money.

Amazing Weather HD:

Get ready to view some real-time animations of weather depending how it is around your area. This app stands out among others by having a live background which simulates environment close to what you experience. The app also features double wide tile which includes weather images and clear legible text for your glance. The back tile of tile forecast shows how the weather will turn out to be along with temperature and humidity.

[appbox windowsphone c7ac43c5-5d99-4e65-913d-e92e253e9e99]

Weather Sense

This brand new app which is free now is impressive. Not only the app has live animations but it also plays a background sound of thunderstorm and rain when the weather is so. It includes multiple city support along with hourly, weekly and daily forecast. Same goes when you pin a city to start using double wide tile. The app allows you to add max of three cities as of now.

The app also includes analytics for details weather information on temperature, wind, humidity and cloud cover. The same analytics can be quickly switched for hourly report if you are planning your day.

Another outstanding feature is notification which works efficiently. It sends out toast notification on your Windows Phone i.e. Rain at 3:00 PM.

The only issue with the app as of now is the background which kills the beauty. Reading text is a bit of issue with the heavy background, specially when its rainy.

The app is now free so if you want to grab, it’s the right time.

[appbox windowsphone 78b0b8fb-ef3e-441b-8dde-7f4169241f28]

Weather Sharing Apps:

Love sharing weather with style instead of boring temperatures ? Here, we have two apps today which lets you share weather with a picture of your own and styled design.

InstaWeatherPro and Weather Tag Pro are two apps which made their place in top section of weather app for sharing. They aren’t the real weather app allowing you to track cities, find humidity, etc. but simple app which shares weather and picture together.

When it comes to styling both the apps allows you to have details of your current weather as an overlay i.e. add TV like snippet over the picture and post to social network. You are free to choose from templates which lets you set the weather marking appropriately around the image without spoiling it.

Instaweather Pro takes an edge over Weather Tag Pro here for couple of reasons.

  • The app is well done when it comes to look and feel,
  • Selecting skins is much easier and quick  swipe)
  • It offers more UI customization and overlays with style, includes Weather TV.

Both the apps let you pickup location. While InstaweatherPro picks from Foursquare, Google or even Facebookif you choose to use your account, Weather Tag Pro picks up from Foursquare places. This personalizes the whole thing which means you would be posting your apartment name instead of some random address.

The only drawback if I have to say would be  the portrait mode only restriction, no landscape mode. Also to note that Weather Tag Pro is available for Windows Phone 7.X while others aren’t.

[appbox windowsphone 8ce9c050-c3e9-4bba-afb9-9a654528553a] [appbox windowsphone 0b18e924-1a9f-4745-bdd4-a27bd71f70d1]

Now both being paid apps, if you wanted something free check out CIEL. The UI might not impress you much and feel bit kiddish but that’s the style it follows and is fully featured. You can use the picture in both landscape and portrait mode, couple of overlay styles like I love *Current Location*, Ratings and so on. You can even save these styles as your favorite.  The images shared can also be saved to your saved album.

[appbox windowsphone e9865717-48b2-4945-96b3-335c6895845c]

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  1. I’m the developer of Weather Tag Pro. Thank you very much for your comment. I learned from it and will provide more features to Weather Tag Pro.

    BTW, to clarify, Weather Tag Pro supports both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 while IntaWeather Pro and Ciel only support Windows Phone 8.

  2. I’ve just published version 3.1. In this version, Weather Tag Pro enables users to pickup location from Foursquare. It will available on Windows Phone store in a few hours.

  3. Thanks for the update.

    Another two advantages of Weather Tag Pro are:

    – Support to create portrait/landscape and square pictures (InstaWeather Pro and Ciel only enable to create square pictures)
    – Possible to edit pictures (add effect, change contrast,…)

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