Best Windows Apps for College Students

Finding Windows apps for students in college is not so difficult. However, the main issue is understanding that learning and working applications are subjective. What may be important to you was likely not the same some years back when you were still in high school or had a lower degree. Certain data and metrics may be used to determine a good application for yourself as a student. These could include a particular feature or some features. However, the good thing is that some metrics generally allow some applications to stand out.

Best Windows Apps for College Students

The Microsoft system, a famous background software for Windows 11/10, is one of the better options for users. The suite of this system makes it possible for undergraduates and postgraduates to draft a list, write a doc and create a spreadsheet.

This option makes the PC an excellent alternative for mobile. The MS Office is not the only good application you could use for a class lesson or more. Some of them are free, while others require premium login details. Let’s consider the 5 main applications to go for.

  1. Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Office Logo

The Microsoft suite is an excellent app for a student. It is a basic addition to Windows 11/10. It comprises very important applications that are beneficial to both undergraduates and graduates. These include the ever-popular MSWord, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. These applications allow high schoolers, undergraduates, and graduates to perform academic tasks more easily.

The Word document is a writing app. It’s globally accepted as one of the major typing docs. Users can use it to type and even keep points. The PowerPoint application allows undergraduates to perform presentations efficiently. Most undergraduates find it easy and basic to use PowerPoint for project presentations.

Talking about academic tasks, students can contact top expert firms for top-notch services and help. According to Andrew Tomlin, a tech expert and a professional writer at PapersOwl, “Academic tasks and assignments are completed more efficiently with the help of additional resources such as different Office applications”. This opinion from a well-experienced writer emphasized the importance of using more technology to reinforce the studying process. The applications which work with documentation are essential when it comes to learning. They save time and help the students to work. The professor goes on to add: “Now, for Microsoft Excel, the application is basically for mathematics or spreadsheet arrangement use. It comes in multiple cells, with each one representing info”.

All of the above applications featured in the suite are very helpful for homework.

  1. Google Drive

google drive logoGoogle Drive is by far one of the main cloud applications that work well for undergraduates. This application is built to allow learners to do all the things they can with an MS suite and even better features. The major difference is that the latter allows users to study their info on the cloud. So as long as the user has the link to the document, they will have their info there untouched. However, if they decide to share the link with others, then the latter group will be able to control the files depending on the level of access given.

The main features of the drive are office-style suites. Users can use google docs which allows seamless typing and studying. They can also use a cloud-based spreadsheet where they can perform mathematical and related functions. The drive also serves as a communication medium between teachers and learners. This means that an undergraduate can have amazing communication with their tutors.

Another important benefit of this application is how it can store and track audio and videos at no cost. All they need is to upload into the platform cloud, and their files will be saved.

  1. OneNote

onenote logo

OneNote is one of the major Windows software users can go for. While a newer option of this application is often slightly different from the preceding one, the general pattern has been maintained since its development.

This application is for writing text and creating To-Do plans. It offers users smart testing that allows them to graph their texts in beautiful colors and amazing styles. The application design aims to make home tasks and information easy to look at on a computer, making it one of the major Windows applications for users currently.

Some people may not enjoy using this application for certain homework/assignments or taking classes. However, they can sort their issue using the MSword application.

  1. Cold Turkey

cold turkey logoWhile Cold Turkey is not exactly the education or knowledge application that people may look forward to, it is one of the essential Windows apps for college students as they block off unwanted apps that may distract students. Such apps can be the best help for those who want to focus on their studies.

The good thing about this application is the fact that it can remember apps that have been blocked, leaving users with just the main Windows app they want. Players can decide to cancel the reply button to select the application or website they do not want.

  1. Grammarly

grammarly logo

The Grammarly app is a major option for any student, especially an undergraduate. It is also excellent for those pursuing a postgraduate degree. As the name implies, this application is a major grammar corrective tool that spots basic grammar errors in texts. Generally, after writing an assignment or notes, there is a high chance of making a grammatical mistake or having too many fluffy words. This application is designed to spot most of these errors and offer the appropriate corrections.

The main aim of the Grammarly software is to ensure that the works are much neater and complete. The app is also a great learning tool as it helps people who use it know the appropriate words and correct sentence construction over time.

The most updated version of Grammarly offers users many services, including a plagiarism checker. The application can be installed directly as an add-in to MSWord or can be accessed from its website. The only thing that users need to use Grammarly is their login details. There is a free option with limited functionalities. This option only requires an email address.


This article has considered the master system apps for undergraduates. This application was selected based on how they help most users create notes, submit tasks and assignments, access and track digital lectures, connect with teachers online, and many more.

Some of the applications were also excellent for storing video and audio lecture files on the cloud for free. The good thing about this application is that most of them are free, and potential users can find them in their application store. They can also read and learn about the software/application in their free time. The most important thing is for them to know how to use them.

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