Best Xbox App Tips and Tricks on Windows 10

Having an Xbox One Console, and a Windows 10 device makes it possible for you do a lot of things through the Xbox App without using your console. This includes right from sharing your achievements, to messaging to remote control Xbox One guide to launch and play games from your PC.

Xbox One app Windows 10

In this post we bring you the best of Xbox One tips and tricks that you can use get the best experience from the Xbox App.

Add Xbox One Console to Xbox App

  • On the left hand side, look for an icon which looks like a console. Click on it.
  • Make sure your PC and Console are on same network.  Also you should be signed up with the same account on both the places.
  • Turn on your console.
  • Now click on Add Device. Your console should be automatically detected. Add it.

Add Xbox One Console to Xbox App

Turn Off & On Xbox One:

  • Go to the Console section, select the console you want to turn on or off, and next click on More
  • Here you get option to
    • Disconnect
    • Turn Off
    • Connect Automatically
    • and Forget console.

Yurn on Xbox One from Xbox App

  • When the console is turned off, but on power save mode,  you can come back at the same place and turn on your console.

Turn on Xbox One from Xbox App

Where to find all your Xbox One Games ?

  • Click on your Profile Picture on top left. This will list all detailed in tabbed format which includes Activity Feed, Achievements, Following and followers, captures and your basic info.
  • Switch to Following and Followers Tab. This lists all the apps, games, users you are following.
  • Use the filters to select only “Games”
  • Now you will see all the games that you play on the Xbox One.

Add Xbox One Console to Xbox App

Most of the games you install and play, will be automatically followed in your profile.

Launch Games directly on Xbox One:

  • Once you found all the games you have ever played, select the one you want to launch on your console.
  • The next screen gives you three options — Play from Console, View in Store and Unfollow.
  • Click on Play from Console.
  • This will automatically connect to the console on the same network, start streaming, and launch the game.

Launch Xbox One Games from Xbox App

Note: In case the game is not installed on your Xbox One, it will take you to the store with option to instantly install it.

Stream Xbox One Games to PC

This option brings in the convenience of playing your Xbox One games on your Windows 10 powered PC by streaming it directly to your PC.  Windows 10 allows you to connect your controller directly to PC, and use it. However if your console is around, you can also use it without connecting.

Xbox One Options from Xbox App

  • Open the console section in the app, and select Stream.
  • This will stream everything from your console to the PC.
  • In case your streaming has issues, you can choose to test streaming.

Xbox One Streaming Result

  • Post this result, if you see any of the above section having issues, and you need to choose lower quality streaming, you can do this post connecting to Xbox One i.e. when streaming.

Change Xbox One Streaming Quality

  • Hover your mouse post streaming, and choose the last icon and then select streaming options.

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Add PC Games to Xbox App or any Program to Xbox One App:

Xbox app can literally add any EXE based game into your games list. So if you want to add any PC based games to your Xbox App, here is what you need to do.

Add PC games to Xbox One App

  • Look for “My Games” icon in the app, and click on it.
  • Then click on “Add a game from your PC”
  • This will open list of identified EXE which the app thinks as game.
  • Select and you will be able to launch it from here.

In case your game is not listed, you can do the following:

  • Try Reinstalling the game.
  • Create a Shortcut and add to your Start Screen

Record Games on PC while Playing on Xbox One

Game DVR on Xbox One App lets you record games which you are streaming to your PC.  All you need is to press WIN + G to bring the control upfront, and hit the record button and then continue playing the game. To start recording you need to use WIN + Alt + R.

Xbox One Record DVR

There are the keyboard shortcuts:

  • Windows logo key + G: Open Game bar
  • Windows logo key + Alt + G: Record the last 30 seconds (you can change the amount of time recorded in Game bar > Settings)
  • Windows logo key + Alt + R: Start/stop recording
  • Windows logo key + Alt + Print Screen: Take a screenshot of your game
  • Windows logo key + Alt + T: Show/hide recording timer


More on How to Customize Game DVR | More here

Record PC Games using Xbox App

This is similar to how we can record any app on Windows 10. While Xbox App does support game recording directly for some of the games which are automatically detected, if it doesn’t, all you need to tell the Xbox One that this is a game, and you need to record it.

Connect FB and Twitter Account for Social Sharing & Finding Friends:

Still on a very basic level, Xbox One App lets you share achievements, activities from your Feeds and so on over twitter. It also allows you to connect with Facebook to find your friends on Xbox One to increase your circle for gaming. Go to Settings on the Xbox App, and you will have option to connect your Facebook & Twitter account.

Social Sharing on Facebook Twitter

Share PC Game Clips On Xbox Live, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Game DVR, the built-in tool which allows you to record, edit game captures as of now only lets you upload clips to Xbox Live directly. All you need is to use the upload button to instantly get it there. However if you wish to upload to any other social site or streaming sites like YouTube and Twitch, you will have to manually upload the MP4 File.

It is also possible to add your own narration using this trick without need of any software editing tools.

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