Best Xbox One Controller Tips and Tricks

The New Xbox One Experience has changed a lot of things around its UI, but has also made the controller really powerful. If you can master the shortcuts and know few nifty details about it, moving around Xbox One is much easier.

Xbox One Controller Update

Navigate Your Dashboard Quickly

  • You can switch between Home, Community, OneGuide and Store by pressing the RB and LB buttons on your controller.
  • Tap on the right trigger, and you can quickly jump to your “my games and apps” tile at the bottom of the home page.
  • Press the LT button to quickly go up. Press the RT trigger to quickly go down.
  • When using browser, you can navigate from page to page by moving the thumbstick horizontally. You can also use the left and right bumpers on a controller to quickly switch between them.

Snap an App:

Xbox One Snap Apps

  • While on the game, double press the Xbox One Guide and it will open the left hand side guide on the console.
  • Now navigate down to last icon which looks like TV.
  • Then navigate to the left where all the apps are listed, select an app, and it will SNAP.

How to Snap Apps in Xbox One using Controller or Kinect

Charge Controllers With Your Phone’s Charger

Xbox One controller comes with a MicroUSB port. This means you will be able to charge your Xbox One controller using a standard charging cable that comes with any phone. This is very hand when you don’t want to keep your console turned on all the time for charging it.

How to Update your Xbox One Controller

While we have talked in detail about it here, you can update your controller by connecting it with the wire it came along with. Then follow the steps as in the video below to update it:

If you have more the one controller, you will be able to use the inbuilt feature to vibrate and check which controller is yours.

How to Use The Xbox One Controller’s Bumpers Correctly

Xbox One controller’s bumpers have a big of high profile, specially with the edge pointing out. This makes people think  that need to press on it to make it work, and you need to press harder if you are doing that. Lets stop doing it.

What you actually need to it rest your finger on the trigger, such that it passes just over the bumper ( on the lower side), and press it with that. It still works, and is much faster.

Now to check Xbox One Controller’s Battery Level

There is no led buttons on the controller that points out how much of battery is left. So the only way to check the battery level of Xbox One controller is to turn on your console, and on the bottom right of the screen, you should see a controller + battery icon which will give you clear idea of how much battery is left.

if you are playing a game, an you want to check in between, just press the Xbox guide button once. This will take you to the home screen, and you can then check the status.

Remap Xbox One Controller Buttons:

While the Elite Xbox One controller is bet when it comes to customization, you can also customize the standard Xbox One controller. To map your standard controller, go to Settings > Kinect & Devices > Devices and Accessories > Select your Xbox One Controller and then choose configure. This opens up options like Map Buttons, Invert Y Axis etc. Select Map Buttons and you can select the button you want to map and then the button you want to map to.

More here

Use the Menu Button on the Xbox One Controller as Right Click

The menu button on the Xbox one controller  is console  equivalent of a right-click on desktop. You can use this with the browser app to make things really easy for you.

Let us know in the comments if we missed few, and we will add it up here.

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