State of Bluetooth File Transfer between Android and Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile, the next major upgrade for Windows Phone 8.1, situation has much improved when it comes to bluetooth file transfer between Android and Windows 10 Mobile. The files no more get lost, even if it is not supported. You don’t have to manually save them after transfer is complete. To put it in simple words, it just works now.

Below is the video, followed by details on what happens when you transfer files over Bluetooth between Android and Windows 10 Mobile.

Where are the files saved after bluetooth file transfer ?

You have a dedicated File Explorer in Windows 10 Mobile, and because of this the whole process is streamlined. Now  the files are automatically saved into their respective folders. In Windows Phone 8.1 you had to  depend on apps. Here is the list of folders where the files are saved:

  • Images into Saved Folder
  • Video into Saved Folder
  • Office Files into Documents
  • PDF files saved into Downloads
  • Music Files like MP3 saved into Music.
  • Unsupported files are saved into Downloads.

The Transfer Process:

Once you select the file(s) you want to transfer, select share. It gives you multiple options to transfer the files. Select Bluetooth, and then pair with the device you want to send files. Once pairing is complete, the file transfer will start after target devices confirms.

Bluetooth File Transfer between Android and Windows 10 Mobile
Bluetooth File Transfer between Android and Windows 10 Mobile

During the transfer process, a notification shows up on top of the screen “Sharing X%” where X represents the total progress. The message you get to see during file transfer in Windows 10 Mobile is  “Sharing > Finishing > Done and Saved. Tap to View ”  instead of  “Sharing > Transfer Complete > Tap to View”  in Windows Phone 8.1

What Happens when you hit “Done and Saved. Tap to View” notification:

  • For unsupported files, it prompts if you would want to search in the store.
  • For supported files, it opens it in the respective apps.
Bluetooth File Transfer Complete Indication
Bluetooth File Transfer between Android and Windows 10 Mobile

Drawbacks of Bluetooth File transfer in Windows 10 Mobile:

  • You still need to turn on bluetooth manually before starting the file transfer.
  • During Multiple File Transfer,  it still asks for permission for individual files.
  • If you don’t attend the prompt, the file transfer fails, and all the files are lost.

Last one is very problematic. Lets say if you wanted to skip last few files, and choose to cancel the transfer, all the files are lost. Lets hope Microsoft team finishes the last bit of hurdles in future updates. Let us know how is your file transfer experience.

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