Bluetooth File Transfer in Windows Phone 8 and The Drawbacks

One of the most requested feature in Windows Phone 7 was to transfer files via Bluetooth which Microsoft for some reason did not implement. This resulted in a lot of hacks by developers who came up with their own hack to transfer file via Bluetooth on custom roms.

Though this feature is expected to roll in for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone, Windows Phone 8 OS has this feature and works exactly as any other Bluetooth transfer.  A video is included which demonstrates that it works, and it works across platform i.e. from Windows Phone to Android Devices. I have also listed down the drawbacks at the end.

Select what you want to send :

  • Use the Picture Tile or Music tile to get access to all your files.
  • Next select the multi select icon on the menu bar.
  • This will mark the files in blue.
  • Now tap on the files, one after the other, which you want to send.
  • Select Share from the Menu Bar and choose Bluetooth.

Setting up Bluetooth :

When you choose Bluetooth, it will check if its turned on. If not you will be taken to the Bluetooth Settings page. Toggle the button to turn it one and press back button to come back to the Send Files.

Now connect with the device from already paired list or connect. It will follow up the usual procedure of pass code etc.

Sending Files :

Once the process initiates, you will see a Notification on top of the screen which says “Sharing”. It will also display the percentage of the file transfer process. Notice the new sharing symbol here.

Bluetooth File transfer in Windows Phone 8


Since this is background process, you can switch to any other screen or app and still can see the process state. If you want to get more details, tap on the Sharing Notification and you will switch to another screen. This screen lists down all the file transfer process but gives you further details i.e. in case you want to see which file filed, its not possible to take a look at it.

Once done, transfer complete notification will show up, and sharing screen will be empty. Since Windows Phone 8 allows to select multiple file, it is much easier to send multiple files compared to what it was in Windows Phone 7.5.

Video Demo :

Watch on YouTube

What happens when you receive a file ?

In case your receive files from any other device, you will get “Done and Saved. Tap to View” notification. Tapping on it will take you to the Saved Pictures folders (respective folders) so you can view the file. In case, its a single file, it will be launched for you.

How to resend files which failed transfer ?

What happens when a file transfer fails ? Sadly I have some bad news for you in this section. Though you can restart the file transfer the sharing section but it restarts from 0% which means the receiver will have duplicate files if some part of the file transfer was complete. Since file level notification is missing, you cannot figure out what failed in your end.

Restart File Bluetooth transfer  in Windows Phone 8

Summarizing the Drawbacks :

  • Share Section where all the file transfer details are listed needs enhancement. The user should know to file level details on what is coming in and what is going out.
  • In case of Failed File transfer from Windows Phone 8, the whole process is restarted which will result in duplicate file transfer on the receiving side. This seriously needs attention.
  • When sending multiple files, If I don’t choose the destination i.e. Bluetooth or NFC and come back to the screen where I select those files, the selection is lost. This is a general problem with multiple file selection process.

Case in Doubt :

Windows Phone 8 failed to send documents across but only over to Android Phone but worked over PC. I am guessing is that the absences of a file type handler on my Nexus was causing this issue. I will investigate this further.

Summing up this post, the whole experience is lot better than not having it at all in the previous version of Windows Phone. Though there are some drawbacks, but I am assuming that they will be fixed once you get to see a proper notification system rolled in. Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 7.5 users might  be lucky to get file transfer if all the information is correct.

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  1. WP8 Doesn’t allow to share videos via Bluetooth or even NFC. You can email which will compress the actual video.

  2. I just bought lumia 620! its great BTW…but i transfered some video files (.mkv and .wmv) for seeing the video playing quality of the phone. BUt i find only .wmv video file and that too in saved pictures. i can’t find the .mkv video file. where can i find it ?
    ALso why does it save in ‘saved pictures’ but not in ‘videos’ ??

    Thank you

  3. Is there any app which allows to send multiple files or pics by marking them and send it via bluetooh in nokia lumia 510. :(
    sad regreting buying this cell. :/
    thanks .

  4. where can i find the saved pictures folder? because I received a file via bluetooth but I can’t find it anywhere :( can somebody help?
    and what if I received a pdf file? will it also go to the saved pictures folder?

  5. you will find all the recieved files in saved pictures folder…
    go to photos -> Saved pictures ….here u wl find all the recieved files :)

  6. How to change the bluetooth received file location. Why doesn’t it show in videos?
    Instead it shows in Saved pictures. Is there any app for this.

  7. My friend sent a recorded voice via bluetooth. I cant see it even after connecting to PC via usb

  8. Where can i find sent from Bluetooth to my fone? Am practically very pissed about it. I use a Lumia 920 and whenever i receive a song via Bluetooth i can hardly find it.

  9. im using lumia 520. i received files via bluetooth (multiple files) my fone said that the files where successfully transfered but the problem is i don’t know where to find my bluetooth files….please help….

  10. Does the bluetooth automatically turns off after sending files or the user have to do this manually?

  11. Hi , i am using lumnia 820 , m facing problem with recieving images thru bluetooth , its like when the other phone send just 1 pic , lumnia recieves and saves the file in saved folder . However when otherphone sends more then 1 pic at a go , the images that are recieved are saved nowhere . can u help ?

  12. I have brought a nokia lummia 720. I used the bluetooth to transfer multiple contacts from my old phone. The transfer was succesful (the history copy suggests that the contacts were copied a while ago). However, now I am unable to lcate that data anywhere on my phone, not even in my contacts. Where could it have gone?

  13. I have a Nokia Lumia 900 and i update my phone but i not have a Bluetooth transfer option! Why? I’m from Puerto Rico!

  14. Hi.. I tried sending multiple music files from windows phone 8. But i don’t see any option. Ccan u please help me ???

  15. If its a picture, it is in Saved Album in Photo Gallery. Music in Music + Videos. Rest are discarded.

  16. hey i bought a lumia 520…my frnd send me some audios via bluetooth…but i cnt seem to find them in my phone…nd it is occupying memory :(….where will i find these files….plz help me

  17. doesn’t seems so….ive tried getting music stuff transferred though bluetooth so many lumia 625 is accepting the song but its not there in Music+Videos app,,im just not able to find it…

  18. I got myself a new HTC 8s.. about 150 contacts were transferred from my old android phone via bluetooth.. ofcourse, they are missing (cant find them).. any idea whether all those contacts are still out there eating up my phone space in the 8S??

  19. i am very upset by purchasing nokia lumia 625 instead android phone, many problem, i can’t find file storage location of audio, video, word file transferred through bluetooth or data cable. pl reply .

  20. I was hoping that unsupported files would be discarded, however, i see the size of the Other storage being increased. tat means the files is still present in the phone but nowhere to found or deleted. I am lumia 720.

  21. where will the videos be stored sent via bluetooth in nokia lumia 520?though it is being transferred unable to find out where the videos are being stored and it is occuping space,please provide me the solution for this

  22. Hi how to send multiple pictures to lumia 920?
    When i tried 1 picture it was working( at the end was file transfer confirmation)
    When i was sending mulitple images on lumia phone everytime popup about confirming that you want transfer, but at the end no images transfered, cannot by found in saved pictures.
    I need to send it one by one ?thank you

  23. I tried to transfer multiple contacts (total phonebook) from my Samsung C3530 to Lumia 520 via bluetooth. After completing transfer, I was able to add only one contact in the phonebook and I was unable to locate remaining contacts. Please guide!

  24. I sent a pdf file on my lumia 720 using bluetooth of laptop. Since there were 10 files i didn’t tap and opened all. Now I am unable to locate those files even with adobe reader. Pls help.

  25. The Nokia Lumia Series phones are made for Old peoples. No one can send you multiple music and video files at one time. not you can share multiple music files at a time. videos send via bluetooth found in Saved Picture folder. not download and set rington directly have to put in rington folder via connecting mobile to PC. when we forward mail the attachment is automatically deleted… This is a Junk…

  26. I received 2 video file 1 .mkv and 2 .flv. My Windows phone Lumia 520 is showing other space as 1.5 GB but unable to locate the file to delete the files. It’s ok if it is not playing the file. But it should allow to delete the file. Does any one know how to delete those files ? Please help…….

  27. Hi,am using Nokia lumia 625,the Bluetooth has been working well until recently,now i see duplicated files and also my files are not successfully transferred as my bluetoothh looses connection with the other device

  28. I wanted to know if a receive an unsupported file say .exe from bluetooth to my lumia then where can i find it? I received a lot of files from from my friends but i can’t find them now.

  29. Hello i have transfered a movie in my nokia 925. Transfer was completed but i am unable to locate that vedio clip. Pl suggest

  30. Hi, how can I tell my Windows Phone 8 device to trust automatically bluetooth transfers from any device? I dont want to do this manually when transfering multiple files


  32. hi, i have downloaded two pdf files from my mail inbox from lumia 730 but it is not showing that files in phone or in sd card. although it shows in pdf reader but i cannot able to share them over bluetooth this is so embarrassing. how to share pdf files over blueooth?

  33. hi, i have downloaded two pdf files from my mail inbox from lumia 730 but it is not showing that files in phone or in sd card. although it shows in pdf reader but i cannot able to share them over bluetooth this is so embarrassing. how to share pdf files over blueooth?

  34. hi, I have received avi video files through bluetooth from other device to Lumia 730. but i can not find that file in files folder. what i have seen that before transfer my system files storage was 3.60 GB and post received file it suddenly increast to 4.20 GB. So my assumption is that by default it went to System files. Now i can not find the video files and not even remove from system files.

    Any help on the same would be appreciate

  35. Hi Ashish, i tried with files but files does not show me system files, even i tried searching with name in files App but no luck!!

    I tried also connection my phone with PC but the same result System folder i cant see

    Any other options!!!

  36. Lumia 625 is really giving me some challenges. What app will I use to collect multiple files. Like flash share in android phones.

  37. I have lumia 520 i took a video via bluetooth, once received a pop up message displays “Click to open file” on clicking it shows need app for this function, it opens store to an app but no app found, now i m not able to find that video in my phone…where the video gone..

  38. Hello Ashish, when I do multiple file transfers over bluetooth from android phone to lumia 730, I have to separately accept each file. Is it possible that I accept once and all files are transferred.

  39. Is it possible to change the location of the files received by bluetooth? If yes, then how? I’m not able to find the audios that I have received recently. I have Lumia 720 (8.1).

  40. sir how and where can i find the songs received via Bluetooth in lumia 535………..
    and why it is not showing in my music list……

  41. Hi All, can somebody let me know where are the bluetooth downloaded files stored in the lumia 730 phone

  42. Even I am facing same problem. My file was .flv and 1GB size, Did you got any solution for this

  43. Hi, I am an user of Nokia for many yrs…bought seems that Microsoft played their dirty tricks after taking over Nokia Co. It blocked all the windows to make it a dark dungeon (so it’s a windows phone) and blocked every access to its files and freedom..unless you give them the access to your privacy. One will become a SLAVE rather being SMART. The money paid to them is just for showing respect to their creations!!!! Else you had purchased the phone only to do slavery. I had already thrown the phone to the dustbin…good bye…have a nice day!

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