Bluetooth “Quick Pair” Feature Shows up in Windows 10 RedStone 4 Build

Bluetooth Quick Pair is a feature which allows you to instantly connect your Bluetooth enabled Windows 10 PC with any Bluetooth device by just tapping to it. It’s like NFC based payment. Microsoft has started working on this, and this has first appeared in one the Redstone 4 build and is called a Quick Pair.

The technology is not new. Android has this named as Fast Pair and even iOS has this enabled for their Apple Airports. Microsoft is just late in the game.

Available under Settings > Bluetooth, and other devices. You should see the toggle for “Connect to certain Bluetooth devices quickly”. Certain Bluetooth devices within range can be connected to quickly. Do you want to get notifications to connect to devices like this?


That said, once this becomes a permanent feature in Windows 10, you won’t have to go through the multi-step setup mode where you need to pair using a code or sometimes wait for the blinking buttons, and so on. All you need to do is tap and pair. Well, don’t bump into somebody else’s device.

Via Thurrot


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