Boxcryptor Now Supports Windows 10

Boxcryptor is a solution which allows you to encrypt files before you actually store on any of the cloud services like Dropbox. Its built to make sure that all the data cannot be accessed by anybody else.

The company has been testing their Windows 10 app from sometime, and now they had announced that its out of beta. It integrates deeply into the file system and hence was tested a lot for its stability.

Boxcryptor for Windows 10

Note: If you are new to the service, make sure you setup your account correctly, and remember your password, without which your files wont be decrypted. Once installed, it will create a virtual drive which appears in My Computer / This PC section. To add services, you will need to add it using the app which sits in the system tray.

Boxcryptor for Windows 10


Using this is very simple. You can drag and drop your files in the drive to specific service i.e. all the services appear as folders in the drive. Just copy and paste files to it, and it will encrypt and upload the files to those services.

However, there are two known issues in version 2.2:

  • You cannot add a folder of the Boxcryptor drive as location to the Windows Photos app.
  • Due to a driver incompatibility, Strato HiDrive is currently not supported in this version.It is recommended not to update If you want to use Boxcryptor with Strato HiDrive.

Download the new version now!

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