Brilli Automatic Wallpaper Changer App for Windows 10 & Mobile

When it comes to refreshing your desktop background, changing wallpaper is the #1 thing we all love to do. Right from pulling images from our picture library to Bing Wallpaper to solid colours. Today we are sharing an awesome Universal app for Windows 10  ( PC and Mobile) that will definitely quench your thirst for all kind of options for a great day ahead.

Brilli Wallpaper Changer is a brilliantly done app which can change wallpaper of your Desktop / Start Screen, Lock Screen every 15 minutes. This works all al Windows devices including Tablets, Surface, and even on PC on Stick. Basically anything Windows 10.


  • Get a new wallpaper daily from Bing Images.
  • Create your own collection based on your mood.
  • It can change wallpaper ranging from 15 minutes to 1 Day.
  • Your Collection can be sued anywhere. Lock Screen, Start Menu and Desktop.

When you launch the app for the first time, you will get to see the Bing Wallpapers right away. View them in full screen, admire them and set to choose to set it as Wallpaper and Lockscreen with a simple click. Next Jump to Settings and select options for how often the wallpaper will change,  random mode et al.

The Catch:

So whats the catch? Why such a neatly done app is free? Well, the app allows you to have only 2 collections, and limits to 30 files per collection. So if you have too many photos that want your attention on the desktop and too many mood for collections, you will need to pay $1.49, which IMO is not a lot.

So how it does competition to Windows 10 built-in wallpaper changer:

While the app is really done well, lets get to the ground reality.

  • Windows 10 comes with inbuilt wallpaper changer which can shuffle images which practically no limit.
  • It can change picture every minute.
  • You can go centre, stretched, Tile and so on.
  • You get the same setting for Lock Screen as well.

Apart from this, the app does not support multiple desktops as of now which many would love, and even multiple monitor. So the basic idea is that some of few might want to wait for more features to drop in, if you really want to support dev. Certain Integration, Cross sync between devices and stuff like it.

via Windows Central

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