Call of Duty: WWII to support 4K resolution and HDR on Xbox One X

Sony’s bizarre marketing deals with Activision has seemed to restrict Activision to disclose anything for Call of Duty: WWII about Xbox One X 4K resolution and HDR support. However recent listing of the game at UK retailer GAME showcases both 4K & HDR support for the game on Xbox One X.

There are some details which some of you might want to know as well, especially if Activision have enabled 60 FPS for multiplayer at 4K or its only for the campaign, and the multiplayer will be stuck at 1080P.

Call of Duty WW2 is more on historic site which includes all the experiences it delivers as one of the largest shooter franchises.The game is up for pre-order which additionally receive the Multiplayer Upgrade, includes a Weapon Unlock Token and Multiplayer 2XP. You will receive a Weapon Unlock Token to permanently unlock one weapon of their choice. You’ll also receive 4 hours of Multiplayer 2XP to help you reach Prestige.

That said, Xbox One X will deliver better gaming experience compared to PS4 because of double the power compared to PS4. So if you been waiting for an official announcement, there is no point in waiting for it.

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