Myth Buster: Does Nokia X has Popular Android Apps listed on Google Play Store ?

When Nokia X was announced, lot of questions came up about its app availability because by default there is no Google Play Store in Nokia X family. We did cover a small story about how the Nokia Store along with other third-party store get almost all the apps to Nokia X. At least all the top free ones are available to download.

Even then, we have this as a regular question from our users and here is a small video answering that.

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We picked up, top 7 Apps and top 5 games from Google Play store and tried to look into Nokia Store. Third party store suggested in search result was also taken into consideration. While we knew what would happen, but for those seeking an answer, we got all the apps in Google’s play store on the Nokia X.

Nokia X Apps

Below is the list from Google Play Store along with Nokia X store. You can see in the image above that all these apps are available on Nokia X. You just need to learn how to get it from third party store.

Top 5 Apps from Google’s Play Store

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • MX Player
  • Facebook Messenger
  • UC Browser
  • Opera Mini Browser
  • True Caller

Google Play Top Free Apps

Top 5 Games from Google’s Play Store:

  • Subway Surfer
  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Temple Run 2
  • Teen Patti
  • Hill Climb Racing

There are two third-party app store which I highly recommend you to download and install. 1MobileMarket and Aptoide. When you make a search for an app, if its not available in the Nokia X store, you would get a message saying –“Can’t find this app. Sorry . The App you are looking for isn’t in the Store. Visit Other Stores”. Third Party Nokia X Store Search

Then you can scroll down and first download these stores on your phone. Once done that, you will have make a search again and download from there. The installation works like any other app installation and will get all the updates.

Missing App Nokia X

We highly recommend to use third-party store and search it and then download and install the app or the game. I see updates rolling out on regular basis as it is rolled out on other play stores. Here is an example video of how to download the WhatsApp from third part store. This applies to all the other apps as well:

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That said, I don’t guarantee that you will find every app on the store but you will find most of them. Also, as the Nokia X platform matures, you will see more apps officially landing on the store directly than third party stores.